Have you been feeling the call to share your story, write, write more and put your words, ideas, thoughts and feelings out into the world, but...

  • Your inner critic keeps getting the better of you?

  • You find yourself doing anything and everything except sitting down to write?

  • You just don't know how to get started?

  • You struggle to know what to write about?

  • You never quite make the time and space for writing, despite the constant commitments you make to yourself to do so?

  • You find yourself reading everyone else's stories and wish that you were sharing your own?

  • Fear, anxiety and worrying what people think keep you from putting pen to paper?

  • Your words feel lacking in emotion?

  • You find it difficult to put what you're feeling into words?

Then I created this writing journey just for you.

Far more than a writing class, this is a 4 week journey for you and I to come together and bravely put pen to paper and fingers to keyboards as you begin sharing more of the stories and words that are in your heart with the wider world. Whether you're totally fresh to writing or you've been writing for a while and want to spend some dedicated time amongst like-minded people to improve your practice, this class will meet you where you're at and offer you an extraordinary level of love and support as you step out into your writing journey. 

On this page you'll find everything you need to know about the class. If it feels right for you, I very much look forward to welcoming you inside and taking this journey together. 

Who's it for?: This class is for anyone who's feeling called to write, write more or simply create more time and space for writing. This class is designed to be a space for us to explore together and for you to be supported wholeheartedly as you take what you need for your personal journey and reasons for writing. 

Details: This is a live, online class taking place over a period of 4 weeks. Given that one of the major challenges when it comes to writing is starting and maintaining a regular practice and creating space to write, I wanted to provide a space for us to come together over a longer period of time so that you can really begin to get into the groove of writing whilst being supported wholeheartedly by me and a community of like-minded people. 

On Monday and Thursday each week, you'll receive a short audio training (approx. 15-20 minutes long) exploring various themes related to your writing journey. You can read more about what's covered in these trainings further down this page. You'll have lifetime access to these recordings. 




Between the audio trainings and live weekly calls, there will be as much (or as little) opportunity as you like to engage with the group, share your work, ask questions or share anything that's coming up for you in our private community group online. Read more about that further down this page. Basically, throughout the whole 4 weeks, support and connection will be available to you if you want it.

Alongside each audio training, I'll also provide you with a writing prompt to give you a starting point to explore your writing. Using these prompts is by no means obligatory. Each of you who join this class will have different reasons for doing so and different goals you're working towards. The prompts are meant as a support for those who'd like them but I will always encourage you to start from the place that's most helpful to you. 

Once a week we'll meet together online via Zoom to share a safe and intimate space for 90 minutes. This time isn't for me to "teach" you anything, but rather an opportunity to raise questions and explore ideas, thoughts and feelings together on anything that arises for you during this whole process. These sessions will be recorded so if you're unable to join live, you can sit back, relax and catch up at a time that suits you.

Silencing the inner critic and understanding fear

The inner critic has a way of being everywhere, all the time. Whether we're trying to write or create anything else in the world, it's often our constant companion. At times, the inner critic can be so powerful that it prevents us from creating the work we set out to do in the world. And that simply will not do! In this training we'll explore what we can do about the inner critic so that we're able to get our work out into the world no matter what. 

Exploring confidence

In this audio training we'll look at what confidence is, where it comes from and how you can have more of it more of the time. I've found confidence to be something that's often wildly misunderstood and in this training I hope to shed new light on this topic that will support you not only in your writing, but in all areas of your life. 

Accessing your creativity

Ever wondered why the best ideas comes to you just as you're drifting off to sleep, stepping into the shower or out walking the dog? In this training we'll explore the source of creativity and how you might be able to begin to access it more reliably when you're feeling cut off from your creative source. 

Owning your story and speaking your truth

If your writing is of a personal nature, sharing your story and speaking your truth can feel hugely vulnerable. Sometimes, before we can share our stories with others, we must go through an internal process of owning our stories for ourselves. In this training we'll look at why speaking your truth matters and how to deal with the fears that arise when we do: What if people laugh? What if people criticise? What if I reveal too much? This training will make sure that those fears that arise don't prevent you from owning your story and speaking your truth.

Finding your voice

"Finding your voice" is something most of us have heard. But what does it really mean and how do we it? Does it even matter? What if your voice feels different at different times? What if you feel as though you're copying someone else's style? We'll explore all these questions and more in this training.

Emotion in writing

You likely already know that we human beings are emotional creatures and our behaviour is driven by emotion over and above logic, no matter what we like to think at times! So no matter what the purpose of your writing, creating an emotional connection with your readers is important and that's what we'll be exploring in this training.

Creating the time and space to write

Over and over again people tell me that one of the hardest things for them about writing is finding the time and space. With any luck, the very act of being in this class will be a great start to creating regular time to write but in this training, let's explore a little how you might go about maintaining that practice on an ongoing basis.

The responsibility of writing

I didn't want to leave this class without exploring what it means to be a writer in our world today, what responsibilities we have (if any) when we put pen to paper and why writing, for me, holds an important place in the evolution of our society and planet. 

Writing prompts

Remember, in addition to all the trainings listed above, you'll also receive twice weekly writing prompts to support you in your writing if you wish to use them. I'll also be on hand to create extra content for you in the form of Q&A, videos, audios etc. throughout the course according to the common questions that arise in the group.

You will join the private, Write On, members only Facebook Group. This is a space where you can share your work, fears, struggles, wins and anything else that comes up for you during our time together. Participants of all my previous programmes will tell you that the spaces I create are open, welcoming and free of judgement. I'll be in that group as much as possible throughout the class to offer support, encouragement and to answer as many of your questions as possible. 

We'll be covering a lot of ground over the course of this class. You'll receive a helpful pdf of carefully created resources to provide additional support to the material covered in the class and for you to access at any time you like after the class has ended. 

It's impossible to anticipate ahead of time all the questions that may come up over the course of our time together. If you have questions I'm able to offer support with that aren't already included in the class course content, I'll happily spend time creating extra content for you in the form of live videos / Q&As etc. within the limits of the extra time I have available.



Whilst our official time together must come to an end at some point, you'll benefit from continued access to all the material beyond the duration of the course so that you can revisit or catch up whenever the feeling takes you! Previous groups have also enjoyed being able to stay connected in the Facebook Group and this will also be an option available to you.


Hey, I'm leah, your guide for this writing journey

Writing has been (and is) many things to me. It's been a form of healing; a way to declutter my confused mind; a tool to find my way when I've felt lost; a way to serve the world in my own way and help others feel heard and less alone; it's been one of my most powerful business building tools; a way to rally people around a cause; a way to connect with peers and something constant in the ever-changing landscape of life.

If you've been feeling called to write, write more, express yourself more freely or simply create more time and space for writing, I'd love to invite you along on this journey as we adventure together into the beautiful world of words and beyond.

Far more than a writing class, this is a space for a group of like-minded souls to be together, to give and receive support and to explore anything and everything that arises through this process. 

If you're ready to join me, I'm ready to welcome you with both open arms and an open heart and look forward to meeting you on the inside!

Love and courage,


I don't have a Facebook account to join the private group. Does it matter?
Whilst it's perfectly possible to join this class without access to Facebook, my personal feeling is that you'll miss out on a great deal of the group interaction over the course of the class. My personal experience has been that a lot of value comes from the connection and community however this is, of course, entirely up to you.
What if I change my mind? Can I get a refund?
I'm not able to offer refunds for this class.
Is a payment plan available?
Due to the way I'm currently able to accept online payments for my classes, I'm afraid I'm not able to offer payment plans at this time.
Is the sort of writing I do or want to do suitable for this class?
I hope that what's obvious from the information on this page is that this class is meant to create a supportive space in which we can all support and learn from one another. The diversity is not only welcome but also precious and rich.

I have a question I can't find an answer to on this page. What should I do?

Please send an email to hello@leahmarjoriecox@gmail.com. You'll receive a reply within 48 hours.

What if I can't make one or more of the group video calls?

Not a problem. The weekly video calls will be recorded so if you can't make one or more of the sessions you'll be able to watch the recordings at a later time to suit you.
What if I can't keep up with the course material and fall behind with the writing prompts?

Firstly, there's no such thing as "falling behind" in my world. Everyone works at their own pace and everyone will have different commitments outside of this course. Everything in this class is designed to support you and enable you to take it at your own pace. 
Can I take this class if I'm not in the UK?
Although live (taking place over a set time period), the entire course takes place online so it doesn't matter where in the world you live, so long as you have a good internet connection to access all the materials and attend the Zoom calls.

What's Zoom? I've never used it before.
Think of Zoom like a better quality, more user friendly version of Skype. Using Zoom from your computer or smart phone is easy and full details will be provided.

Ready to get started?

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"This class is not exactly what I had expected. It's actually better. I was thinking as a writing class there would be more lessons/tips on how to write more compellingly with more adjectives, or a set amount of thoughts per paragraph, more analogies, etc. I was in many ways stuck in the best way to learn, from old learning styles from my school days.

But after experiencing this class for just two weeks, I realize those kind of writing tips are secondary, and not nearly as helpful. If this class had been about grammar, and how many adjectives to use in each sentence, I would have taken notes and within a few weeks forgotten all about them. Because in order for your words to have impact, you have to feel them. You have to mean them. And giving a bunch of guidelines on the best way to write doesn't tell me how to get my message out the way I want to.

In this class, I've been able to meet life-long writing mates/friends. I've been able to tap into my core, and really connect with messages that matter to me. And in doing so, my writing has improved without my even having to think about it. The rules are always there. But if you aren't sure what you want to say, all the rules in the world aren't going to help your writing.

So, thank you Leah, for your coaching style, and knowing what we need before we do sometimes!"
Jessica Brant | Songwriter, Pianist | USA | www.jessicabrant.com

"This was my first class with Leah and it ended up being WAY more than a powerful writing class. I met beautiful, amazing women from around the world (we still keep in touch). The writing assignments helped me write and claim my voice, my stories AND allowed me to dive deep into my world and see what it was I need to know or re-examine. As always Leah offers such amazing value, attention, content, support and connection."
Christine Marie Noble Seller | Canada | www.christinenobleseller.com

"I've always known I had a voice, and things to say, but I have doubted my abilities. This course has been a headlong dive into those doubts and fears, and I feel like I have come out changed. Seriously. I now want to write. I love it. I feel confident, and I feel heard."
Camille Elizabeth | Mindful Living Coach | UK | www.howtolivewell.co.uk

I wanted something to help kick start me into beginning to write. Writing has been something I have been keen to explore but I never really new where to start, so when I got the email with the details of Write On, I had that kind of full body "yes" and knew it was a class I wanted to be involved in.

I found a great sense of connection and community, something I feel is lacking in my day to day life. I felt so fortunate to spend time with like minded people and the feeling of sharing such a common ground. It never ceases to amaze me how a group of people who have never met can relate to each other so much and I love that.

I really enjoyed all of the class and its content. It was really well thought out and organised in such a manner that made it easy to follow. The weekly calls were such a great opportunity for connection and I loved that no topic was off limits and that the 90 minutes dedicated to the call just went in whatever direction it needed to and it always seemed to resonate with everyone involved. The Facebook group also helped to maintain that connection and provided a safe space for sharing which I also found really helpful.

Leah, I would just really like to thank you so much for all the work you do and for everything that you contribute. I'm so, so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet you and to be able to continue learning and growing with you through courses such as as this. I love your approach to things and it's so apparent that this comes from such a genuine and authentic place based on your personal experience of your own journey and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart because you truly are a spark of light. 
Susan McElroy | UK

I'm amazed at how this class was so completely into the psychological aspects of doing/being a writer. I loved how we explored our fears and demons together. I discovered my writing doesn't look like I thought it would. Free prose is not something I would have thought of using before I read some of the writing from others in the class. I was "stuck" in producing "proper stuff!" and therefore never started!! A very enriching experience.
Annie | Denmark/France

"I was mortified at the thought of sharing our writings when we first started the course. I turned my first writing into a meme so as to conceal it but still share it at the same time. That was posted to my personal Facebook wall. By the time we finished the first week, I had transformed."
Yena Peach Sanchez | USA

"Writing hasn't always come particularly easily for me. Recently I've been conscious of getting stuck and maybe focussing on the wrong things - not really getting out why my business and my jewellery are special. This class helped me find flow! And now I'm writing much more happily and easily. I had some thinking to do to actually wake up the thoughts worth writing about. And not just 'worth writing about' actually - enjoyable to write about. Writing is so much more fun when you have something to say! You have made such a difference to me and my approach to getting my thoughts and more of me out there. I can't say enough how wonderful that is and how beautifully and gently I felt taken in hand and guided along. It's been a really positive time for me. Thank you, thank you!" 
Hattie Wragg | Jewellery Designer | Czech Republic | www.queenswoodstudio.com

"I feel like I'm in the process of taking huge steps towards not caring so much about what other people might think. It's exhausting not being myself, and I'm really starting to step away from that tendency."
Shelley Davis | Writer | USA

There is huge value in this course. What I found was a fantastic package of resources - incredible value for money, as there was quite bit of Leah-style coaching in there as well, all packed into 10-15 minute sound bites. As a result of the work done I realised the importance of having my own platform, and went on to create a blog on Squarespace, publish more frequently, and feel more comfortable with the process of getting in the zone deliberately and sitting down to write. This is a huge huge step forward for me and I plan to maintain it going forward. Not only that, but the act of consistently coming back to my words has allowed me to refine my perspectives on what I am trying to achieve, and develop more comfort and precision when talking about where I want to go.
Chris Ruby | UK | www.chrisruby.me


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I can't wait to welcome you in. See you on the other side!