Around here, no matter which way we slice the story, it all comes back to this: Freedom.
wild freeDom.



A life of wild freedom is the ability to tune into, trust and follow the callings of your heart, no matter how strong the pull of the external world to keep you playing within the lines.

It's to dare to pursue a path that makes you come alive. It's to breathe without borders, do work you love and to do it on your own terms. It's to speak your truth, own your power and share yourself unapologetically with the world. 

It's pursuing your dreams but being grounded in the here and now. It's to allow your desires to expand into forever and to be entirely unattached from the outcome.

It's freedom from the beliefs and stories of your past that have kept you hemmed in and playing small.

It's the courage to look at yourself with radical honesty, to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and to go to the places within yourself you're most afraid to go. Because on the other side of those fears is an even wilder freedom.

It's to accept yourself just as you are, now. Right now. Complete and full acceptance. To douse yourself in self-compassion for the human being that you are. Everyone is doing their best, always. It's to see yourself through the eyes of wholeness, knowing that you were never broken and that there's nothing to fix. 

It's to dance when you want to dance, sing when you want to sing and to create whatever is in your heart to create.

It's to say yes when yes is needed, no when no is needed, and to give not two figs about what others might think.

Wild freedom is what blossoms within you when you see the ultimate spiritual Truth of who you are. Your innate perfection, infinitely powerful nature and limitless creative potential. And it's to know that anything truly is possible.

Wild freedom is a path you choose and a commitment you make. It's a never ending and magical journey into becoming more and more of who you truly are.

You were wired for freedom and born for magic and now,'s time to fly. Let your heart lead the way. 

Love and courage,