Here you'll find all the audio trainings and writing prompts for the Write On programme. This was originally a four-week programme but obviously you can take it at whatever speed suits you.

Audio Trainings & Writing prompts

Audio training one: Silencing The Inner Critic and Understanding Fear

Writing prompt one: The Things My Inner Critic Says

Audio training two: Exploring Confidence

Writing prompt two: The Message I Want the World to Hear

Audio training three: Accessing Your Creativity

Writing prompt three: The Letter

Audio training four: Owning Your Story and Speaking Your Truth

Writing prompt four: Personal Stories and Speaking Your Truth

Audio training five: Finding Your Voice

Writing prompt five: What do you value?

Audio training six: Emotion in Writing

Writing prompt six: Describing a Scene

Audio training seven: Creating Time and Space to Write

Writing prompt seven: Your Object of Meaning

Audio training eight: The Responsibility of Writing

Writing prompt eight: When I Rule the World