Here you'll find the content for Transform Your Triggers. This was originally a live programme but you can feel free to work through it whenever it's a good time for you.

I truly hope you enjoy this programme and find the material valuable for your personal spiritual journey.

Here's what you'll find on this page:

  • A series of videos taking you through the programme material.
  • Reflections and questions for you to consider after each video.
  • Links to additional resources mentioned throughout the videos. 
  • A song on Spotify about Triggers - just a little fun!

Here is a list of the videos in the order they appear on this page:

  1.  Introduction and Welcome.
  2.  All About Triggers.
  3.  The Trigger and Initial Awareness.
  4.  What's Really Going On When We're Triggered.
  5.  Letting Go of the Story and Working With Presence.
  6.  Exploring the Core Wound.
  7.  Giving Space to Emotion.
  8.  Forgiveness and Surrender.
  9.  Taking Action from a Neutral, Loving Place.
  10.  Final Thoughts.

Video One - Welcome and Introduction


Video Two Reflections

See if you can recall the last two or three times you were triggered. What was the circumstance that triggered you? Was it a conversation, an email, something you saw etc.? You don’t need to go into the details of the situation, but just see if you can recall a few recent examples.

How did you know you’d been triggered? Were there physical clues in your body? Were there some strong emotions that came up? Describe your experience.

At times when you’ve reacted out of moments of being triggered, what was the impact of that reaction for yourself and anyone else involved?

Share your findings in the Facebook Group if you'd like.


Video Three Reflections

Live your life and go about your day and simply notice when you notice that you’ve been triggered or become activated. No need to do more than that for now. Simply notice that you are aware and be grateful for that awareness. That observation from outside the experience is already a great opening for transformation.

Share your observations in the Facebook Group if that feels good for you.


Video Four Reflections

Thinking about last time you were triggered, or using the next experience that comes up, can you see how you were responding not to the actual situation, but to a wound that had been agitated through that interaction?

Did you notice any attempt to defend and protect yourself, either internally in your head, or externally to someone else?

If you can see this happening in real-time next time you're triggered, are you able to soften in the situation, realising that you are not upset by the situation, but the stories playing out inside the mind?

Share your findings in the Facebook Group if you like.

Video Five - Letting Go of the Story and Working With Presence

Video Five Reflections

First, start to observe how much the mind wanders into the past and future. Any time you become aware, just notice where the mind has gone. Is it in the past? Is it in the future? The mind is constantly going down rabbit holes. The mind thinks this activity is necessary and useful, but the truth is, very little of that activity is useful or even necessary for our lives. Things happen and unfold quite naturally and very well simply by remaining in the present moment.

Second, next time you notice that you’ve been triggered, focus on remaining present within that experience. Can you observe everything arising and remain present within that experience? Can you allow all the thoughts of wanting to attack, defend and justify come in and just allow that to be there? Try not to judge your experience but simply observe what's going on. 

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VIDEO SIX - Exploring the Core Wound


1.  Think about a recent trigger. What did you hear or what message did you receive in that experience? 

For example:

  • I heard that I’m not good enough
  • I heard that I’m not as good as him.
  • I heard that I’ll never get it right.

What can you discover from this about the past wound to which you were responding in that moment? What do you think your core assumption is?

2.  Working with your most recent trigger, see if you can feel your way to where that belief or unconscious assumption first took root. 

3.  Working with the same assumption / belief, explore how this might be impacting how you show up in life or how it plays out in your life.

For example:

If there is a belief of not being good enough you might find:

  • You don't always speak up when you have something to say.
  • You don't go after opportunities you know you're capable of.
  • You people-please.
  • You don't value your work highly.

Even though many of us have the same or similar core beliefs and assumptions, how they show up in our lives will be unique to us.

Share your findings in the Facebook Group if you like.

VIDEO SEVEN - Giving Space to Emotion

video seven Reflections

Whether it's in relation to a trigger or not, next time you find emotion rising up inside you, see how much presence you can bring to that experience. Can you be with it? Can you sit and breathe with it? Can you welcome it? Can you be in non-resistance to it? Can you allow it, fully and completely?

If you find you are resisting it, can you allow yourself to be with that resistance? To be ok with even that?

This is such a great practice in life because so much of our time is spent avoiding whatever is in this moment. We always want to get past this moment to a moment we perceive will be better in the future. In this way, we miss our entire lives. This avoidance of what is leads to all kinds of unhealthy patterns - we numb out and avoid in all manner of ways - food, drugs, sex, TV, reading yet another spiritual book - we’ll do anything to avoid actually having to sit with ourselves and what’s here in this moment.

video eight - Working With Forgiveness and Surrender

Video Eight Reflections

Think about the event or period of time where you think your core belief or assumption first took root. Who was involved? Are you holding a grievance against that person or those people? Can you see how holding that grievance is not in your own best interest? Can you see how it is you who suffers by holding that grievance? Can you look beyond the behaviour to the deeper spiritual truth of that person and release them from that place? Remember, it's not about condoning behaviour or saying that something that happened was ok, but it's about seeing that in that moment, that person or those people were not in their right mind.

Thinking now about your core beliefs and assumptions that come up through your triggers - can you see that they are not the deeper truth of who you are? Can you see that they are old patterns of thought that have no relevance in the present? Are you willing to surrender them? 

Share your thoughts, experiences and observations in the Facebook Group if you like.

video nine - Taking Action From a Neutral, Loving Place

video nine Reflections

Working with a relevant situation from your life and having explored your trigger, do you feel action is necessary?

If yes, have the emotions and reactivity calmed enough for you to respond from a loving and neutral place? Is there any hint of wanting 'bite back' at  or 'prove something' to the person or people involved? If so, take some more time to ground yourself further. 

Test out how you did after taking action by asking yourself, 'Am I at peace with how I responded?'

If you don't get it perfect, be compassionate with yourself. Remember your humanness and that we're all doing the best we can in any given moment given our current thinking.

Share your experiences and observations in the Facebook Group.

video ten - Final Thoughts

Additional Resources

Here you'll find a list of additional resources as mentioned throughout the videos.

A Course In Miracles
Jeff Foster
Love Poems From God