Transform Your Triggers

Bring the light to your personal triggers to transform your
relationships and experience greater peace, happiness and freedom.

About the programme:  Over the course of our lives, we all experience hurt and wounding. As we continue to move through life, certain situations and interactions trigger those old wounds inside us, causing us to move into a place of reactivity in an attempt to keep ourselves safe from a perceived attack. Because our reaction is a response to the old wound and not to the actual circumstance we're faced with in the current moment, our behaviour is often an inappropriate response to the situation. Left in the dark, our triggers not only create pain and suffering in our relationships and lives, but also keep us from becoming a more full expression of who we are. But brought into conscious awareness and worked with from a place of deep compassion and spiritual understanding, we can transform our triggers and, in doing so, transform our relationships and our entire lives.

This programme is for you if:  You'd like to explore your personal triggers more deeply and begin to move from unconscious reactivity to conscious awareness, bringing compassion to your wounds and releasing yourself from the energy spent on living from a defensive, reactive place. 

Here's what you'll learn:

  • What it means to be triggered and why being triggered can be a true gift.
  • Working with Presence.
  • Exploring the core wound(s) at the source of your triggers.
  • Exploring how a past wound is impacting your present experience of life, perhaps keeping you small and limited.
  • Honouring the wound and working with deep compassion.
  • Understanding and working with forgiveness - for yourself and others - as it relates to your personal wounding.
  • The separate self and the true Self and why understanding the difference is so important.
  • Taking necessary action from a neutral, loving place.

Delivery: The programme content will be delivered through a combination of written, video and audio material. On the first day (May 14th), you'll receive an email giving you access to the entire programme content. I'll take you step by step and in depth through everything listed above (and more). Self-coaching questions and prompts will be included where relevant to guide you through the exploration of your own triggers. 

Extra details: Ongoing access to the material online so you can return to it again and again at any time you'd like.

Cost: £67

If you have any questions or difficulties, please send an email to