Join us for a celebration of togetherness.

Current 2018 dates: 26-29 April, 28 June-1 July, 2-5 August.

Remember the time when it wasn’t about fixing, changing, bettering or striving? It was simply about being you. Following your joy and curiosity from moment to moment. Happy to fail, happy to try again, with no sense of a future in which things would be somehow ‘different.’

Growing up as girls in the late 80s and 90s, a sleepover was a simple yet soul-enriching highlight of the week. Conversations felt magical, treats tasted extra special, we followed whatever felt right in the moment, and we couldn’t imagine being anything other than our authentic selves.

The sleepover is a celebration of the pure joy of being here, now, together, and you're invited. No goals, expectations, or 10-step plans to follow; just an opportunity to embrace the aliveness of this moment, just like we did as young girls. Join us at Leah’s cosy apartment for an intimate weekend filled with nourishing communal activities - all designed with the power of presence, connection and being in mind.

Expect nourishing conversations, soul-lifting cuisine, hikes through spectacular landscapes, grounding meditation and yoga, mindful make-your-own sessions, feel-good company, and lots of extra touches to remind you of just how special you are - right here, right now.


Uniquely situated only an hour's drive from the Lake District National Park, we'll spend a day hiking through some of the UK's most beautiful scenery. From forest trails to mountain tarns, the natural world brings us back to our soul's knowing that we are deeply connected to all that is. 

Buddha Bowl

Vegan, gluten free, seasonal and organic, we'll be packing in as many colours of the rainbow as we can manage at every meal. We'll cook slow, eat slow and savour every mouthful, together, because what greater joy is there than good food shared amongst friends?  


We evolved to do everything in groups. Including sleeping. Studies have shown that sleeping next to others, drastically improves the depth and quality of our sleep. Heartbeats and breathing rates sync, our subconscious feels safe, and we’re able to let go and rest soundly.


So many of our interactions stop short of true connection. Surrounded by like-minded souls and fully accepted just as you are, The Sleepover is an invitation to a deeper kind of conversation, where we can drop the masks, speak from our hearts and explore the presence between us. 

Make your own.jpg

Our multitasking, high-speed, throw-away society is also a culture of lost connections - from the people we meet to the products we buy. Making our own stuff from scratch allows us to appreciate its full life cycle and rediscover the simple joy of being fully engaged in a task.

Yoga and Meditation

Both practices boil down to noticing. Whether it’s bringing attention to dormant areas of our bodies or watching how thoughts flow in and out of our awareness like sounds, we’ll explore what is true for us in each moment. Stiff shoulders, impatient minds - all are welcome.


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Current 2018 dates: 26th - 29th April, 28th June - 1st July, 2nd - 5th August
240 GBP per person. Price includes:

Three nights' accommodation, sleepover style. One large room, a "bed" to yourself. We promise you'll be both comfortable and cosy.

Homemade, delicious and nutritious vegan + gluten free meals, using organic, seasonal produce wherever possible. Plus, recipe cards to take away so you can recreate your favourites again and again.

All activities including hiking, yoga and meditation, mindful make-your-own sessions and more. 

Special treats and gifts to take home. Meaningful memories of time amongst friends.

Pick up and drop off at Lancaster train station.

For any questions simply email us at You'll hear back from us within two working days. 

Please note, your booking will not be secured until we receive your £100 deposit. Full details on how to pay the deposit will be sent when we receive your booking form.

Your hosts


Leah and Liz met in 2017, whilst exploring the principles of love, presence and connection on the Pause Place Practitioners course. A deep friendship soon blossomed, and monthly sleepovers - based around their training in London - became an extra special treat. Time together practicing yoga, cooking up and tucking into delicious food, and curling up on the sofa for long conversations over a turmeric latte sparked memories about how nourishing time shared in this way can be. They didn't know it yet, but these weekends were the seed of an idea that would lead to the launch of The Sleepover.  

Leah is a therapeutic and spiritual coach, writer, and explorer of the heart. Three parts introvert, one part extrovert, she believes in big dreams and simple living. Her mantra? Let your heart lead the way.

Liz is a mindful yoga and meditation teacher, travel writer, spiritual philosopher, conscious consumer, life-long explorer, and huge fan of the great outdoors - in all its shapes and seasons.


What are the arrival and departure times on Thursday and Sunday?

Please aim to arrive at Lancaster railway station as close to 3pm as possible on Thursday 26th; and depart at 1pm (or shortly after) on Sunday 29th.

How do I get from the railway station to Leah's place?

Once we have your arrival details, we'll make sure we're there to collect you at the station. Door to door service!

How do I pay?

Payment is via bank transfer. Once we've received your booking form we'll send you full details of how to pay.  

Is there a payment plan available?

A £100 deposit is needed to secure your place. The balance is payable no later than 19th April.

I have a question that's not answered here. What should I do?

No problem. Just send us an email to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

What will I need to bring with me?

We'll send you a full list of what you'll need to bring once you've booked your spot, but in a nutshell, you'll need to make sure you have suitable clothing for all the activities: Hiking boots, waterproof, sunscreen etc. for the day hike, something comfortable for yoga and, of course, your favourite PJs!    

How many other people will there be?

There are three places available for this experience so there will be five of us in total over the weekend. 

I have a food allergy, can you accommodate me?

Please send us an email telling us more about your allergy and what requirements you have and we'll let you know if we can accommodate you.

What's the best way to get there?

Arriving by train is best as no free parking is available onsite. You'll need to take a train to Lancaster, which is a very well connected station, being just over 2.5 hours direct from London Euston. 

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Please note, your booking will not be secured until we receive your £100 deposit. Full details on how to pay the deposit will be sent when we receive your booking form.