Snuggle up in your favourite chair, bring a glass of wine, or a turmeric latte, light a candle, grab a blanket and get comfy as we settle in for a special time of togetherness. 

The Soul Circle is an intimate online gathering where we can come together in a safe, honest and open space, reconnecting more deeply to ourselves and to one another. It's about community, connection and sharing.  

A time to re-connect not only with others, but with my own personal soul and growth. It’s a time to check in and refocus/resettle into who I am and how my energy is flowing with the choices I am making.
— Jessica

Circle members are invited to bring something(s) they would like to share - whether that be a poem, a few lines from a favourite book, something you've written yourself, a short song you might like to sing or maybe a description of something you hold dear. The only guideline is that it be something that touches you. Of course there's no obligation to share something and if you would prefer to join and simply enjoy the space, you are also welcome.

Together we create a patchwork of beautiful things that offer us the opportunity to reconnect to the deeper part of ourselves. My experience of running these circles is that each sharing is a starting point for a deeper conversation and somehow, magically, it always flows perfectly from one thing to the next. We begin and end with a few minutes spent in silence or a short guided meditation to help us settle into the space together. 

You’ll leave feeling filled up with goodness.


How to join: All you need to join is an good internet connection and access to Zoom (which is a bit like Skype, but better). Full details of how to access the event will be sent once your ticket purchase is confirmed. 

Duration: Each Soul Circle runs for two hours.

Spaces available: There are ten spaces available in each circle, allowing for a truly safe and intimate experience.

 If you have any questions or difficulties, please email

What ‘Soul Circlers’ say about the experience


"In this day and age with all the technology we have, connecting with people around the globe is so much easier. And yet, true connections - with another person, or another energy - seem to be much harder to find. This event brought my consciousness back to my soul, that deeper part of myself that tends to get lost and ignored in the constant shuffle of digital contact. The ladies who showed up were so full of love and commitment, not only to themselves, but to the sharing of themselves for a brighter world. Even through a digital medium, I could feel the energy being shared all around, and it reminded me of the true power of connection."
Jessica Brant | Musician | USA

"Coming together in community, with like minded souls, for an evening of togetherness delivered exactly what was promised: love, peace and possibility. Sharing and experiencing deep truths filled my well and left me wanting continued gatherings. Thank you Leah for all your heart based offerings."
Christine Noble Seller | Coach & Mentor | Canada

"I was a little nervous joining my first Soul Circle, because I didn't know exactly what to expect. However, I kept feeling a pull toward it and a curiosity because Leah's work resonates strongly for me. I finally jumped in for the February group and I'm so glad I did. The conversation and sharing opened up very naturally and I quickly felt welcomed, accepted and at ease. I like to have anchors in my life: activities, people, groups, etc that remind me of the person I want to be in this world. The Soul Circle feels like a new found anchor for me that I intend on using often in the coming months as I make some major life changes. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to connect with others in an authentic and meaningful way." 
Kelly Constant | USA


"It felt good to share, take time to listen, learn and expand my circle of knowledge. I feel amazed that two hours can pass so quickly – and with such varied and rich content. I'm so glad that this is happening and gives me focus and opportunity to develop."
Annie | Denmark