what past students say about the classes


"I've always known I had a voice, and things to say, but I have doubted my abilities. This course has been a headlong dive into those doubts and fears, and I feel like I have come out changed. Seriously. I now want to write. I love it. I feel confident, and I feel heard."
Camille Elizabeth | Mindful Living and Meditation Coach

"This was my first class with Leah and it ended up being WAY more than a powerful writing class. I met beautiful, amazing women from around the world (we still keep in touch). The writing assignments helped me write and claim my voice, my stories AND allowed me to dive deep into my world and see what it was I need to know or re-examine. As always Leah offers such amazing value, attention, content, support and connection."
Christine Marie Noble Seller | Empowering Empaths

"I was mortified at the thought of sharing our writings when we first started the course. I turned my first writing into a meme so as to conceal it but still share it at the same time. That was posted to my personal Facebook wall. By the time we finished the first week, I had transformed."
Yena Peach Sanchez

"I feel like I'm in the process of taking huge steps towards not caring so much about what other people might think. It's exhausting not being myself, and I'm really starting to step away from that tendency."
Shelley Davis | Writer

"I have had some coaching with Leah before and so already knew how great she is at helping me see exactly what I need to do to move forward in my own business. This course did not disappoint, it is affordable, easy to digest and didn't take too long to go through. But don't let that fool you as there is SO much value in it. Overcoming my preconceptions about money is such an important thing to help any entrepreneur move forward. I wouldn't say I'm all the way there yet, but this course has probably pushed me about 70% further than if I had not taken it. I took Leah's advice and almost doubled all my prices using the resonant pricing technique, since the class, I've sold £620 worth of artwork! So the course has more than paid for itself several times over! Also this massively boosted my confidence, so I have finally started the 'no' game and am approaching potential new customers. This will no doubt lead to even more sales, yipee! Yes, you could probably work this stuff out for yourself eventually, but taking money mindset has rocket-boosted me so much further along in a really short space of time. The group forum is a lovely supportive place to chat with people in a similar position to you too and continues after the course has ended. Thank you so much for creating this course Leah, I look forward to more conscious creators joining the community forum and celebrating in their successes too." 
Laura Long | Artist

"Thanks for putting together such a brilliant motivational course. The three-week timeframe was perfect for me - not too long to feel like it was too daunting and time-consuming, long enough to make some real ground into issues which really affected the way I run my business. The audio delivery/exercise and Facebook discussion was a fantastic way to really explore some of the issues which could be considered barriers to success. We were encouraged to listen to the audio and watch the video, explore our own views and then share these with the Facebook group. My favourite aspect of this course has to be the community/Facebook aspect. As well as Leah's blend of kind hearted ass kicking action, I was able to gain wisdom and guidance from a fantastic Tribe of individuals who contributed so much to the discussions."
Katherine Elton | Content & Copywriter | UK

"Leah, thank you for having the guts to create this course. You have brought together a group of people from around the globe who would probably never have met before. Can you IMAGINE what this may have sparked?!? Woo hooo!!! Some may think that this is the end of our course, but this is THE BEGINNING! The beginning of a new community of souls. The beginning of exciting times ahead. Thank you Leah for your "love and courage." Gush gush gush" 
Franc Bol | Creator of "Now I Can Make" | New Zealand

"I just did your All in Money Fun course which enabled me to connect with like minded individuals who I would most likely never have come across and been inspired by, if it wasn't for you. That course inspired me to write more and have the confidence to show my vulnerability on the page/screen. To give an example, I wrote a draft blog post based on an event I did recently for Shelter. Prior to your course it would have sat on my laptop for months, but because you called me out on my procrastination/bullshit I sent it off to the charity who now want to use it as part of the marketing for their campaign next year."
Paul Forde | Meditation Teacher | London

"I'm so excited to be a part of the tribe, I hope that I can provide some useful advice to other members as well.  I feel so inspired and empowered right now, I feel like this is honestly the beginning of the rest of my life. No, actually, our coaching session was the beginning of the rest of my life, this is the next step."
Abby Popplestone | UK