The Quiet Rebel Collective

A year long coaching and mentorship programme for eight heart-led, world-changing leaders and creatives.
Starting January 15th 2018.


i believe you're here for something more than building a business.


If you're always feeling that you're here for 'something more', I get it.

You feel different from other entrepreneurs around you. In fact, even the label entrepreneur doesn't sit quite right with you. It might be more accurate to call you a visionary, change-maker, or messenger. Yes, you want to create a wildly free life and 'business'. Yes, you want the freedom to explore the magical landscapes of this planet. Yes, you want to create financial abundance for yourself and those you love. But it's about so much more than that for you.

Beyond all those things, you're being called to a purpose that's bigger than anything you might have imagined. It's not about superficial fame, being able to talk about building a six figure business or having tens of thousands of followers. It's about the way you're being called to be in deep service to the world in a way that's wildly unique to you. It's bigger than your mind can make sense of. It feels beautiful, magnetic and true, but also terrifying and uncertain. 

In a world that favours rationale, logic and the intellectual mind, this overwhelming sense of 'something bigger' that literally floods your entire being at times, can be terrifying. In your moments of connection you trust it completely and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the feeling is real and must be followed. But when you disconnect, and because you're largely surrounded by people who don't appear to understand, you wonder whether maybe you're going a little crazy. So you find yourself in a constant tension of moving forwards and pulling back.

Something inside you is waking up and it won't be pushed aside any longer. You're connecting with your true spiritual nature and with that, your infinite power and limitless creative potential. Turning back now isn't an option; the truth is already flowering in your heart. This is about creating your Life's Work in the world, scary and overwhelming as it might be.

Lack of clarity, deep fear, not fully or consistently seeing or owning your true power, and deferring to sources outside yourself rather than the true power within are likely some of the biggest hurdles you're facing. I created The Quiet Rebel Collective to support people like you on this journey to creating your true work in the world and bringing your inner light fully and unapologetically into the outer world.

Because what the world needs now is people like you willing to risk creating a radically new path and to be all of who you are.


my story


Soul coach, writer and rebel-hearted nature lover, my vision is a more beautiful world for everyone.

For as long as I can remember, I had a sense that there had to be 'something more'. That sense is what led me to leave a well-paid job in London in 2012 and later start my own coaching business. 

But even as my business expanded and my community grew, the feeling of 'something more' never quite left. I was investing heavily in my personal and professional development but always felt like I was just on the edge of finding my true purpose and work in the world. Whilst my peers were getting on with things, I was still asking all the big questions about life, the universe and everything and knew there was something I wasn't yet seeing. 

In 2016 I experienced a spiritual awakening that changed (and continues to change) everything. The lifelong obsession I'd had with finding the 'thing' I was supposed to do in the world fell away and a real calling took its place. In a nutshell...love. From then on, it became easier to follow whatever was speaking to me, knowing that the mission behind everything I would create would always be the same.

If you find that you don't quite fit in to the business building conversations that are going on around you and you sense that you're here for 'something more', I want you to know: you're not alone. You're simply sensitive to the deeper truths about life that we all ultimately long for and the way you feel is a call to connect with that truth and bring your true inner light into the world in a way that will be completely and wonderfully unique to you.


about our journey together

It's perhaps easiest to begin by saying what this journey is not. It's not a step-by-step system. It's not a formula. It's not a do-it-like-I-did-it guide. You and I both know that what you're being called to goes beyond any sort of strategy, system or formula right to the heart of who you are.

This year-long journey is about bringing you into deeper and deeper connection with the Truth of who you are. As that connection and understanding deepens within you, you begin to take effortless action in the outer world in the directions you're most called to go. This journey is not about forcing, rushing, or striving. Those are the old learned ways, but the truth is, bringing your Life's Work into the world can be so much softer and easier than you might have believed.

Through our work together, you will:

  • See and own more deeply your own power and the unique qualities you bring to the world. Because of this, you will find yourself taking increasingly courageous action in the direction you're called to go.
  • Develop a relationship of deep trust with your intuition and wisdom, allowing you to be guided through your life and work in every moment.
  • Act more and more in alignment with your soul truth.
  • Become more fully self-expressed, saying and sharing that which you are truly called to say and share. 
  • Find yourself handling 'problems' and periods of stress or difficulty with greater ease.
  • Gain an understanding of how your experience is created, freeing you from limiting beliefs that keep you from taking action and playing smaller than you know you truly are.
  • Experience a greater sense of peace across all areas of your life.

Every month over the course of the year you and I will speak one-to-one twice a month. Each conversation will be an opportunity for you to pause, breathe and reconnect to the true knowing within. Absolutely everything you need is already there. Together we work on whatever is needed for you to take your next powerful step forwards.

We'll connect as a group once a month for a two-hour session via Zoom. These sessions will take many forms, depending on what is arising at that time within the group. 

You'll be taking this journey alongside seven other devoted women. Women who, just like you, are wholeheartedly committed to creating a meaningful difference in the world through their business. Being amongst others who are committed in this way will keep you raising your standards and owning more and more of your power.

Throughout our time together you'll be part of a private online community created especially for you and the seven others who'll be journeying with you. This space is somewhere to connect and share whatever comes up as we travel together through the year. A safe space for you to share without judgement.

Speak to members of my previous group coaching programmes and they'll tell you that I don't clock in and clock out. Outside of our scheduled sessions, if you need it, and whenever I'm able, I'll give you a call to talk through problems that are coming up for you in the moment. You will have my wholehearted support throughout the year.


Who Is This For?

Whether you're a few years into creating your own work and business in the world or you're still very much 'at the beginning', what's important is that you have a deep sense that you know you're here to create real change in the world and you're fully committed on the inside to that journey. Whether you have total clarity on your vision at this moment or not is not what's most important.

You're ready to step more fully into your power in order to bring your highest level of service to the world. You're prepared to dive in, surrender to the process and open yourself up to entirely new possibilities and ways of being in the world.

You want to spend a full year surrounded by a group of other committed visionaries, leaders, messengers and world-changing creatives, allowing you to play a bigger game in every way.

Whilst creating your work in the world, you're also ready to laugh, play and have a huge amount of fun along the way.


Why do this with me?

Over the years, my approach to coaching has changed significantly as my own experience of life and insight into the human experience and my personal purpose has evolved. Today, I draw almost exclusively on a spiritual understanding of the nature of life. This work facilitates transformation at the deepest level, leading to permanent shifts in your experience. 

In today's world of quick fixes and step-by-step systems, it's rare to find a space dedicated just to you and your highly unique and complex journey. But that space is precisely what I'm committed to creating for you. A space in which everything is welcome and in which you are safe to explore the deepest depths of who you are and what you are here to create in the world. 

Service at the highest level, deep personal integrity and unconditional love are what set me and my work apart.  When you and I enter into a coaching relationship together, you can be sure that I will take a stand for you in every way. The support you will receive will be unparalleled. I'm here to serve.

I'm passionate about supporting those who are being called to step into deep service in the world whilst being uniquely them and expressing themselves in a way that only they can. 

There is no one else out there who is called to serve and create in the same way as you. Your purpose is to bring your inner light to the outer world, fully and without apology.



Can I join if I'm not based in the UK?
All sessions will take place over Zoom or phone so as long as you have a good internet connection you'll be able to apply to join the group.

What time will sessions take place?

One-on-one sessions will be arranged at a time that works for both you and I. Timing for the monthly group sessions will be arranged to suit everyone but will be within the hours of 9am - 6pm UK time. 

Is a payment plan available?
Payment can be made in full or we can discuss a payment plan over up to 12 months. 

I'm not totally clear on my purpose or what I want to create in the world. Is this for me?

Purpose is an unfolding journey and has more to do with you BE than what you DO. It's more important that you come into this programme with a deep knowing that you're here to create real change in the world through your work and you're fully internally committed to that journey. 


Apply to join
the Quiet Rebel Collective

The Quiet Rebel Collective is by application only. To apply or to ask any questions you might have about the experience simply fill out the form below or send an email to hello@leahmarjoriecox.com. You'll receive a reply within 48 hours. The total investment for this coaching and mentoring programme is £4,000. Payment can be made in full or we can discuss and agree a payment plan over up to 12 months. 

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What Is a Quiet Rebel?

We live in a world obsessed with noise, numbers of followers and looking good. Many of us sense that a new approach to business is needed. The feelings that stir in your heart are the beginnings of that new path but in order for change to happen, deep courage is needed by all those who are feeling the call.

The old ways are powerful and will always seek to maintain the status quo. Your work is to develop your stillness, grounding and knowing on the inside so that you are able to continue to walk this new path and create your true Life's Work on the outside. 

You will need to have the courage to speak your inner most truth, to disrupt the status quo, to risk being the unpopular voice and to break the rules. Of course this will not always be easy. But if we truly want to create a more beautiful world for everyone, we must find the courage to walk a different path.

I invite you to join me and lead the way in being the change you wish to see.