Everyone struggles from time to time. It’s natural, normal and even healthy to go through these phases. Whilst it isn’t always obvious, they’re often gifts in disguise; opportunities for transformation that will ultimately lead to greater freedom, peace and happiness.

I offer one-to-one therapeutic and spiritual coaching to clients from all walks of life who are struggling with a variety of issues and are looking for a safe and non-judgemental space to discover their own strength and capacity for healing.

Issues I can help with

I work regularly with clients in the following areas. If you’re struggling with something that isn’t listed here, please get in touch to see whether the work I offer might be helpful for whatever you’re going through.

  • Anxiety

  • Self-doubt

  • Depression

  • Feelings of low-self worth, inadequacy, and shame.

  • Disordered eating

  • High Sensitivity

  • Addiction

  • Stress

  • Relationships

  • Suicidal feelings

  • Grief (in all its forms)

  • Feeling that you have lost touch with who you really are

  • Life purpose and career

  • Major life transitions

How I work and what to expect

Our work together is about addressing what you’re struggling with at a source level, creating lasting change from the inside-out, rather a superficial solution to your problem.

I begin with the assumption that you’re not broken and, therefore, not in need of ‘fixing’. Instead, we look for the wholeness, wellbeing and healing that is already present within you. I come to this work as your equal and our time together is a co-created exploration.

My work embraces both our spiritual and human nature. We will look towards the source of suffering (identification with a separate self) whilst also honouring the whole spectrum of feelings and emotions of our tender human selves.

In our sessions, I will:

  • Offer a space of unconditional support in which you won’t ever be judged. Clients tell me repeatedly that they feel able to share things they’ve never shared with anyone else because they feel absolutely safe. This in itself is incredibly healing.

  • Ask questions to help you explore your own experience more deeply, gaining fresh insights to help you move forward.

  • Offer new ways of looking at things that I’ve found to be helpful when appropriate.

  • Offer practical ideas/advice if and when appropriate.

Your role

Just as I don’t assume I have the right answers for you, it’s helpful if you can also adopt a spirit of ‘I don’t know.’ Ultimately, your answers are within you, but this attitude simply means you come to each session open to discovering something new.

Details and fees

I work with clients for nine hourly sessions over a period of three months. The fee for our three months together is £850 and sessions take place online via video call. Audio only calls are also possible if you feel uncomfortable with video calls, which some of my clients do.


To book your first session together, please select an available time from my online calendar


client  Testimonials

Before working with Leah, I was plagued with self-doubt and anxiety about my abilities and worth at work. This was making me care too much about what people thought of me, which I think people sensed, leading them to question my authenticity - which then lead me to more self-doubt. I’d tried therapy before but didn’t feel like they related to my situation.

I wanted someone to talk to about my self-doubt and anxiety who could coach me through the destructive thoughts and feelings. I wanted to be able to look back at my career with joy and confidence about my contribution.

After our work together, I’m not feeling any of the insecurities and hang ups that I felt a few months back, because I’m not spooked by my ghosts anymore. This makes interactions with people who I think/thought/felt somehow wronged me, so much easier because I don't entertain those ghosts. I am just loving towards them.

My mind always comes back to being so grateful for just how loving and accepting Leah was and the tools and wisdom she shared, which were just exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.
Susan | California

So much shifted for me in the six months. Probably more than I could have imagined or expected. I’ve left behind a tremendous amount of fear. There’s been so much falling away of story, of illusions, of living in my head and falling back into my natural state of being and trust.

There’s no more panic. There’s also this beautiful acceptance - complete detachment to whether something works or doesn’t work. I’m living so much more in the moment, paying attention to those inspirations and trusting them. It’s really changed my whole life.

A perfect example is my teenage son, who has high-functioning autism. There’s been so much planning and support and he’s getting to the age where there are more critical decisions based on what our society does. Finally, in the Soul Circle, I just surrendered to the fact that I have no idea what’s right for him. I don’t know what’s going to work or when. It’s much easier to look at where he is now. That dictates what happens next. We look at our options, try it out and if it works and makes sense then that’s great and if it doesn’t, we go on to the next thing. I’ve found so much freedom from this sense of judgement around what’s considered failure. So there’s greater peace, greater trust, and so much less effort because I don’t need to think it. It will just come.

It’s exactly what I hoped for and even more in six months - just a real shift to a beautiful way of living. This work was so important and so powerful for me. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Some of the best money I’ve ever spent. Some of the best time I’ve ever spent.
Christine | Animal Communicator | Canada

“My year with Leah has been nothing short of transformational. Her ability to gracefully hold safe space has allowed me to drop into a complete unraveling of my busy mind, and make space for major realisations about who I really am and what I actually want. Meeting someone you can authentically share your deepest desires and fears with in life is rare, and Leah is one of those people. With no other coach have I felt safe enough to truly allow myself to be seen and heard, and that's because the space Leah holds for her clients is completely loving, open and non-judgemental.

I chose to work with Leah at the start of what had been a very dark awakening for me and after some very tumultuous ups and downs. She has guided me to an allowing of what needs to crumble in my recovery, whilst holding me gently in the uncertainty, enabling me to finally see the deeper truths of my experiences without fear.”
Natalie Edwards | UK

“Thank you so much for being a shoulder today, and for letting me get out some of the high emotion I was dealing with. I can’t tell you enough what a treasure you are. Every day, I’m grateful for the work/path you’ve chosen to follow. You’ve really changed my life, and continue to do so each time we speak.”
Danielle Pope | Writer, Editor & Story Midwife | Victoria, B.C., Canada

"I have to tell you, Leah, you might never know the true impact our conversations had on me. Since we talked, my life has completely changed. I've started to do things I never gave myself permission to do. I feel valued and rewarded more than ever before. And while a lot of factors went into this, it's your voice that comes into my head with a, 'you can do it, Dani' (insert laughter and lovely British accent for effect.) I think of you often, and I remember all your questions more like you're a dear friend who floated into my life when I needed her most. You are so good at what you do!"
Danielle Pope | Writer, Editor & Story Midwife | Victoria, B.C., Canada

"It was beyond amazing to feel so connected to someone I had never actually met in person. You are truly an amazing spirit that I immediately connected with. There were times when I left our conversations feeling so rejuvenated and motivated that I simply couldn’t contain myself. I love you for being your authentic self and for being openly vulnerable with me throughout our time together. I love you for unapologetically chasing your dreams and for creating a space where people can do that together. You are living, breathing proof that we can use our life experiences to support others in their personal journeys, and I love you for owning that space."
Nikia Poche | Writer, Spoken Word Artist and Visionary committed to resistance, inquiry, and observation | California.

“I first met Leah in her very first Fearless Play workshop. I was urged to go because I felt if there were two missing elements in my life that I really needed, they were definitely courage and fun! So the idea of her workshop basically spoke to me. Six months of Fearless Coaching later, and despite my deepest belief that those two elements are the complete opposite of who I am, I started gradually throwing my comfort zone out the window. Starting with pursuing a career in my ultimate passion, which is to use Social Entrepreneurship as a tool for development, to getting experience in the field from Europe and across the world, to getting more experience from Africa, to being appointed as a Social Enterprise Incubator for the largest non-profit organisation in Egypt. Personally speaking, coaching with Leah has been my liberation from my biggest enemy – fear. Because of it I now make a difference for a living and I wake up every day looking forward to the changes I can make to the world as I see it."
Suzan Salem | Social Entrepreneur | Egypt.

"It's been a few months now I believe since we had our big conversation. I need to thank you again for your time that day and for your thoughtfulness throughout our conversation. I think I said this before, but it warrants repeating: you have a great talent for reframing thoughts and bringing options into ideas where they weren't first considered.

You are truly amazing Leah. You’re like a super hero. I mean that and I really appreciate your passion for kindness and for people's light and love."
Brandon Kraemer | Colourist | USA