“(P.S. - That amazing woman is Leah Cox, who just finished her apprenticeship with me and is one of the biggest hearted, creative and insightful coaches I've ever worked with. Keep your eye on her!)” 
John P Morgan | Coach for Leaders | California



"Our session really universally shifted something - thank you Leah!"
Natalie Edwards | Personal Coach | London



"I have to tell you, Leah, you might never know the true impact our conversations had on me. Since we talked, my life has completely changed. I've started to do things I never gave myself permission to do. I feel valued and rewarded more than ever before. And while a lot of factors went into this, it's your voice that comes into my head with a, 'you can do it, Dani' (insert laughter and lovely British accent for effect.) I think of you often, and I remember all your questions more like you're a dear friend who floated into my life when I needed her most. You are so good at what you do!"
Danielle Pope | Writer | Victoria, B.C., Canada



"I took the plunge last year, quit my job in public relations and went back to studying journalism. I found out this week that I qualified with a gold standard diploma, no mean feat to achieve in 18 weeks!! And, I got a job. Just this week, as trainee reporter for a local paper based in south Buckinghamshire! I've never been so pleased, and I never ever thought when I was 12 years old that the day would come when I could call myself a reporter!!

I wanted to say a huge thanks to you for encouraging me to go for my dreams and giving me the push I needed to make them come true! 
Your words, your blog posts, your general awesomeness has played more than a small part in getting me to where I am today - if I hadn't met you and started talking to you, I'd've never had the courage to leave my various jobs and go in full pursuit of my dream - so a huuugggeee THANK YOU."
Shruti Seth | Reporter | UK



"I just wanted to send you a mail to say thanks for all your coaching so far. I just organised and held my first print fair and it went amazingly! I don't think I'd ever have pushed myself to do it without your coaching, plus one of my most popular pieces was that one of Steel Fell inspired by our Lakes trip. Also, when I was chatting to visitors to my stand this time it felt so much more relaxed than at other fairs. I could just be myself and explain my art from where I am right now without comparing myself to other artists or worrying about being good enough. So thanks for you all your help Leah!"
Laura Bromley | Artist | UK



"It's been a few months now I believe since we had our big conversation. I need to thank you again for your time that day and for your thoughtfulness throughout our conversation. I think I said this before, but it warrants repeating: you have a great talent for reframing thoughts and bringing options into ideas where they weren't first considered.

You are truly amazing Leah. You’re like a super hero. I mean that and I really appreciate your passion for kindness and for people's light and love."
Brandon Kraemer | Colourist | USA



"It was beyond amazing to feel so connected to someone I had never actually met in person. You are truly an amazing spirit that I immediately connected with. There were times when I left our conversations feeling so rejuvenated and motivated that I simply couldn’t contain myself. I love you for being your authentic self and for being openly vulnerable with me throughout our time together. I love you for unapologetically chasing your dreams and for creating a space where people can do that together. You are living, breathing proof that we can use our life experiences to support others in their personal journeys, and I love you for owning that space."
Nikia Poche | Writer, Spoken Word Artist and Visionary committed to resistance, inquiry, and observation | California.



“I first met Leah in her very first Fearless Play workshop. I was urged to go because I felt if there were two missing elements in my life that I really needed, they were definitely courage and fun! So the idea of her workshop basically spoke to me. Six months of Fearless Coaching later, and despite my deepest belief that those two elements are the complete opposite of who I am, I started gradually throwing my comfort zone out the window. Starting with pursuing a career in my ultimate passion, which is to use Social Entrepreneurship as a tool for development, to getting experience in the field from Europe and across the world, to getting more experience from Africa, to being appointed as a Social Enterprise Incubator for the largest non-profit organisation in Egypt. Personally speaking, coaching with Leah has been my liberation from my biggest enemy – fear. Because of it I now make a difference for a living and I wake up every day looking forward to the changes I can make to the world as I see it."
Suzan Salem | Social Entrepreneur | Egypt.



"I just wanted to send you a quick note to say how grateful I am that you challenged me to deliver a workshop and to thank you for all your support you have given me in tackling the 'fear'! Without the belief you showed in me, I have no doubt that procrastination would have slipped in. I admire so much what you have achieved and the genuine passion and desire you have to help others is refreshing. It does not go unnoticed and I hope one day I can return the favour."
Charlotte Hosier  | UK


"Thanks for putting together such a brilliant motivational course. The three-week timeframe was perfect for me - not too long to feel like it was too daunting and time-consuming, long enough to make some real ground into issues which really affected the way I run my business. The audio delivery/exercise and Facebook discussion was a fantastic way to really explore some of the issues which could be considered barriers to success. We were encouraged to listen to the audio and watch the video, explore our own views and then share these with the Facebook group. My favourite aspect of this course has to be the community/Facebook aspect. As well as Leah's blend of kind hearted ass kicking action, I was able to gain wisdom and guidance from a fantastic Tribe of individuals who contributed so much to the discussions."
Katherine Elton | Content & Copywriter | UK

"Leah, thank you for having the guts to create this course. You have brought together a group of people from around the globe who would probably never have met before. Can you IMAGINE what this may have sparked?!? Woo hooo!!! Some may think that this is the end of our course, but this is THE BEGINNING! The beginning of a new community of souls. The beginning of exciting times ahead. Thank you Leah for your "love and courage." Gush gush gush" 
Franc Bol | Creator of "Now I Can Make" | New Zealand

"I've had some coaching with Leah before and so already knew how great she is at helping me see exactly what I need to do to move forward in my own business. This course did not disappoint. It is affordable, easy to digest and didn't take too long to go through. But don't let that fool you as there is SO much value in it. Overcoming my preconceptions about money is such an important thing to help any entrepreneur move forward. I wouldn't say I'm all the way there yet, but this course has probably pushed me about 70% further than if I had not taken it. I took Leah's advice and almost doubled all my prices using the resonant pricing technique and since the class, I've sold £620 worth of artwork! So the course has more than paid for itself several times over! Also this massively boosted my confidence."
Laura Bromley | Artist | UK

"I just did your All in Money Fun course which enabled me to connect with like minded individuals who I would most likely never have come across and been inspired by, if it wasn't for you. That course inspired me to write more and have the confidence to show my vulnerability on the page/screen. To give an example, I wrote a draft blog post based on an event I did recently for Shelter. Prior to your course it would have sat on my laptop for months, but because you called me out on my procrastination/bullshit I sent it off to the charity who now want to use it as part of the marketing for their campaign next year."
Paul Forde | Meditation Teacher | London


"Whenever Leah writes, it's always perfectly timed because she does so from that raw, vulnerable, and heart-centred place that so many are afraid to explore. That's what makes her such a beautiful and unique writer & story-teller, and the perfect teacher for anyone wanting to learn how to trust themselves, listen to their heart more, connect to their personal story, and bring all of that through into their writing."
Natalie Edwards | Personal Coach | UK



“You have some special magic about you, Leah.”
John P Morgan | Coach for Leaders | California



“That’s why you are brilliant. You dare to speak the absolute truth without apology. You are brave and you are powerful. And you are teaching others to do the same."
Shannon Brennan | California