What might life become if you dared to say yes to your heart?

In a world with more freedom than ever before to follow our hearts and do what we truly love, why do we so often stay hidden away in lives that do not enrich or enliven our souls? What keeps us from offering up the true extent of our beauty and what we’re capable of creating?

Fear of the unknown, perhaps? Of letting go of what we’ve already created, not knowing what will take its place or whether we’ll succeed?

Our own internal doubts; not feeling worthy or good enough?

Voices that say you can’t, you shouldn’t, it won’t work, it’s not realistic?

The risk of failure? Fear that we’ll look stupid?

The discomfort of moving into unfamiliar territory?

The idea that it’s too late?

The heart calls to each of us in unique and beautiful ways. It knows where your aliveness lives and it wants to take you there. It wants you to offer to the world that which only you can give and it wants you to be full of joy for it. But following these impulses and whispers from within aren’t what we’ve been taught to do.

Instead, we’ve been taught to stay safe, find and maintain security at all costs, believe in the smallness of ourselves rather than our limitless nature, and to move with the crowd.

Yet the heart keeps calling us to adventure and when we close our eyes and see and feel the person we intuit we’re capable of becoming, we know that she is where she is not because she followed the rules but because she broke them. Not because she fit in but because she stood out. Not because she was more like the person she admired but because she was more of herself.

Heartegy is a wish I have. For all of us to live in alignment with what is most true in our own hearts. To create the art that only we can create. To do what we love. To live our lives authentically. To be fully and unapologetically ourselves. To live beyond the fears, doubts and conditioning of the mind. To discover our deepest joy and to offer it to the world wholeheartedly.

For me, this is the only kind of life to live. If you feel this too, I hope you will join me for this 60-day adventure of saying yes to your heart. I cannot say what will happen or where it will lead but learning to dwell in the unknown is what explorers of the heart must do.

What our adventure looks like

We begin on the 1st February 2019 and journey together for a full 60 days. It is a journey that embraces both the spiritual and material worlds. From the spiritual truth of who you are, your most authentic expression in the material world flows.

Lifetime access to a series of videos you can watch anytime from the comfort of your own home on your laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet. Each video is designed not to add more information to your life, but to spark insight. Because it’s insight, not information, that shifts your consciousness and changes your world.

Each week I’ll host a live one hour call for an opportunity for deeper exploration. These calls will be an opportunity to ask questions, receive coaching and get extra support for your journey. Calls will be on Mondays at 6pm UK time. Each call will be recorded and added to the private members’ portal on the website so if you can’t make one or more of the calls, you can listen at a time to suit you.

Access to a members only Facebook Group where you can connect with others throughout our 60-day adventure. A space to meet with like-minded people, make new connections (and friends) and share everything that the journey brings.

The videos

When Heartegy begins on the 1st February, you’ll get access to the series of videos below, over four hours of content designed to encourage, support, guide and expand as you embark on this journey of the heart. You’ll have access to watch these videos even after our 60-days together ends so you can go back as many times as you like.


Discovering the Truth of Who You Are

Our lives are limited when we believe who we are is limited. In this section of videos I’ll guide you to the deeper truth of who you are, beyond the limitations of the body and mind. We’ll talk about freedom as your birthright, moving beyond limiting labels, your life as an infinite possibility, presence as the portal to the truth of who you are and how life doesn’t work the way most people think it does.


On Self-Love

True self-love is the key that will unlock your highest potential. In these videos we’ll talk about what self-love really is, why it’s not selfish to love yourself, why self-love is the key to setting healthy boundaries and how you’ve always been (and always will be) enough.


On Being Vs. Doing

The world is set up to have you stay busy and constantly striving to do more. But busyness and doing aren’t how you step into your power and potential. In these videos we’ll talk about BEing versus DOing, why spending more time being isn’t lazy, why prioritising being is the most effective route to success and how to allow yourself to be when your old patterns are asking you to do.


On falling in love with the unknown

The mind wants to know exactly where you’re going and exactly how things will work out and that desire keeps you from moving in alignment with your heart which is always calling you to the new and unfamiliar. In this section we’ll explore the beauty of the unknown, how you can feel secure no matter what is going on, putting your trust in the intelligence of the universe and becoming a courageous explorer of this adventure called life.


On Learning to Listen to Your Heart

Educated to listen outwards rather than inwards and to follow the head over the heart, it’s time to flip things around and explore your inner world. We’ll talk about ways you can start listening to your heart and inner guidance, how to know if you can trust the information you receive and what to do when you don’t know what to do.


On The Art of Effortless Creation

In this section of videos we’ll look at what is asking to be created through you, why you don’t ever need to know ‘how’ to do something, why joy is your greatest compass, why the outcome is irrelevant and why working harder doesn’t equal better results. We’ll also talk about how there’s nowhere to get to and everything to play for.


On Embracing Fear

The same fears and ‘problems’ show up again and again: Overwhelm, anxiety, fear of failure, fear of what other people think, fear of going broke and the fear of taking the wrong path. We’ll address them all in these videos. We talk about how your problems don’t actually belong to you, why fear is less important than you think and how to find peace amidst overwhelm, anxiety and stress.


On the courage to be yourself

Longing to be yourself but afraid to do just that, in this final section we’ll talk about the ‘something special’ you bring to the world, speaking your truth and why it matters, dropping the game of comparing yourself to others and finding the courage to be all of who you are. It’s a final permission slip to let go of the expectations of the world and to live your life powerfully and authentically, making the contribution that only you can make.

Ready for an adventure?

Heartegy is a call to adventure and an invitation to transform your life from the inside out. We set forth on February 1st and I very much hope you’ll join me!

Simply click the button below to be taken through the secure payment and I’ll see you on the other side! Make sure to pack your bags with a little courage and an open heart and mind, the two essential ingredients for all great adventures.

Got a question?

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please send an email to hello@leahmarjoriecox.com. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.