Personal coaching and guidance for creative visionaries, change-makers, messengers and leaders.


You're a creative visionary, change-maker, messenger and leader.

Highly sensitive to the local and global problems we face today, you're being called with increasing frequency to play a bigger game. As a deeply creative soul, you hold within you the key to global transformation. Through your work, in whatever form that takes, you have the ability to transmit messages that have the power to change the heart of our world. 

I am unbelievably passionate about working with people like you to bring your highest vision for your Life's Work into the material world. Together, through our unique expression and gifts, we have the opportunity to create the more beautiful world we know in our hearts is possible.


Our work together is about bringing your highest vision for your life and your Life's Work into the world. This is work that goes far beyond the concept of building a business, although that may well form part of your vision. This is about stepping into your true power and using your unique and beautiful gifts in service of the whole. 

In our work together, no area of your life is off limits. We must understand that your Life's Work is so much bigger than what you do. It is, in fact, about who you be everywhere you go. As such, we take a holistic approach and allow ourselves to explore any area that might be holding you back.

You might find yourself:

  • In a period of deep transition and needing powerful support to help you navigate through this time.
  • Struggling with stress, self-doubt, anxiety or depression. Perhaps you've struggled with these issues before or perhaps it is entirely new and you're feeling uncertain of how to cope with these challenges.
  • Knowing that you need to step into a more powerful place in your work, but unsure of exactly what form that takes or feeling inadequate for the size of the mission that's calling you.
  • Experiencing a problem in one or more of your relationships which might be impacting all other areas of your life and work.

No matter where you find yourself, I am here to offer deep support and powerful guidance. Beyond doubt, I know that you are here to create miracles in the world and together we work to bring you into deep alignment, allowing you to live out your Life's Work with a sense of ease, joy and flow. 


Over a period of three, six or twelve months according to your needs, we work together in an intimate, co-creative partnership to bring into form your highest vision for your life and Life's Work. Over the last five years I've worked with artists, photographers, yoga teachers, healers, journalists, energy workers, writers, actors, dancers, meditation teachers, coaches and many more. 

Over the years, my approach to coaching has changed significantly as my own experience of life and insight into the human experience has evolved. Today, I draw almost exclusively on a spiritual understanding of the nature of life. This work facilitates transformation at the deepest level, leading to permanent shifts in your experience. 

I have trained with some of the most loving, service-oriented and transformative coaches in the industry. Most recently, I spent seven months deepening my grounding with Pause Place. Pause Place offers the only training programme for coaches dedicated to the strength of love, presence and connection. Through my work with Pause Place, I have been mentored by some of the most gifted coaches and therapists at work today, each of them committed to creating a more beautiful, loving world. 

In today's world of quick fixes and step-by-step systems, it's rare to find a space dedicated just to you and your highly unique and complex journey. But that space is precisely what I'm committed to creating for you. A space in which everything is welcome and in which you are safe to explore the deepest depths of who you are and what you are here to create in the world. 

Service at the highest level, deep personal integrity and unconditional love are what set me and my work apart.  When you and I enter into a coaching relationship together, you can be sure that I will take a stand for you in every way. The support you will receive will be unparalleled. I'm here to serve.

The vast majority of my work is carried out remotely via Zoom. However, if locations and resources allow, I am always happy to discuss the possibility of meeting for one or more of our sessions in person. 


If you would like to explore the possibility of coaching with me, please complete the form below and know that your answers are entirely confidential. You will receive a reply usually within 48 hours with next steps, which will almost certainly include an invitation to a coaching conversation in which we will begin our exploration as to what our work together will look like. 

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