Romantic relationships as a source of spiritual growth and healing

It’s through being in relationship to others that we have the opportunity to test the depth of our spiritual understanding. Through the challenges that come up in relationships, we get to see whether we’re able to live what we know, or whether our spirituality remains primarily intellectual.

Relationships of all kinds - with family members, romantic partners, friends, colleagues, or even strangers - can show us how much we’ve truly integrated what we’ve learned on our spiritual paths.

The healing space of true acceptance

I had the privilege of sitting with a beautiful young man in his twenties and listening to some of his struggles. Side by side, I looked at him and he looked straight ahead, with an occasional, brief, and shy sideways glance to meet my eyes.

He shared about the falling away of a relationship, the loss of a connection with a child he cherished deeply, depression, anxiety, eventually losing his job and the difficulty he experienced entering social situations.