You've Got a Job to Do

Doubt. Procrastination. Stuck in the thought cycle of wondering if you’re good enough. Not sure if your work is reaching anyone. Feeling like no one cares about the stuff you really want them to care about. Feeling like you’re never going to get where you want to go. When your new idea tanks. When the money isn’t coming. When you put out what you believed was your best piece of work yet and all you get back is...silence. When you’re lonely. When the motivation just isn't there. 

Remember this:

You’ve got a job to do.


Why did you start this thing? Was it only for personal gain? I’m guessing not. You might want stuff for yourself, but there’s something else driving what you do. The desire to make a difference. To change something. To help people. To make the world a more beautiful place. To be in service of something bigger than yourself. 

So for the days when the struggle is really very real, just remember, please:

You’ve got a job to do.

And then take a deep breath and get to work, because there are people out there who are counting on you, even if you don't know it yet.

Love and courage,