Your heart: wild, unruly and highly inconvenient

What does the heart know of rules
of categories
of labels
of neatly drawn lines
perfect boxes
and the way things are supposed to be?

What does the heart know of these things?
It knows nothing.

Is it any wonder she rebels?
Any wonder she is bored
and downright annoyed
at the way we keep trying
to tie her down
make her behave
do as she's told?

She is wild and she is fire
She is unruly and she is raw
She is inconvenient to every meticulously laid plan
and she will not tolerate
the logical,
and tedious
ideas of the mind.

She will prod and she will poke,
rip your insides to shreds
refusing to be tossed aside,
kept in line.

She will demand her freedom
until it is given.
You think she is against you
trying to make life difficult?
So much the opposite!
She is for you.
All for you.
She knows the secrets of your soul
and longs only for your happiness
the kind the mind cannot conceive.

Will you listen?
Take the risk?
Let her have her way?
Take her hand?
Become her comrade?

Or will you turn your back again today
leave her there,
fighting for her freedom
that her sadness,
is your sadness, too?

The heart is not against you, love
She is your greatest ally
the one to trust
the one who will lead you to unimaginable adventures
to wonder
to joy
and to a depth of living you wouldn't believe.

She asks for only one thing
one very small thing.
She asks only for your faith.
'That is not a small thing!', you cry.
Are you sure?
Wouldn't you give your faith
in return
for everything?

Love and courage,