I Knew I Was Meant for a Different Path. You Too, Right?

I don't know if building a business comes easily to anyone. It sure looks like it's easy for some people - at least from the outside.

It's never been easy for me. My experience is more like this:

Hard work.
Hard work.
Overcoming negative and limiting beliefs.
Hard work.
A little success.
Hard work.
Hard work.
A fuck up or ten.
More hard work.
A bit more success.
More hard work.
More failure. 
Then more commitment.
More focus.
Then some more success.
MORE hard work.
More persistence.
More consistency.
More hard work.
More hard work.
More hard work.

I mean, it DOES get easier. I talk myself out of the dips more quickly. I know how to practically do things more quickly. I find making money FUN and a creative challenge rather than the heavy burden it used to be. But it's still, EVERY day, a matter of commitment, focus and persistence.

I don't think that'll ever change.

But if that's what it takes to have the freedom to be in a place like California (where I am right now) for 5 weeks, at a time of MY choosing without anyone telling me HOW to work, when to work or having to do work that feels like it's KILLING my soul, then I'll take it.

I'll take the hard work and the long hours and the commitment and the focus and determination and getting through times of difficulty (financially, emotionally, physically) and everything else that's required EVERY DAY over not having this freedom that I longed for, that my SOUL longed for for such a long time.

Some people have jobs they love. Awesome for them. In another life, with different decisions, that might've been me too. Or you.

Some people have jobs they hate but can put up with it. They can just get on with it and enjoy life outside of work. That's great. Really, I'm jealous of that sometimes.

But that's not me. And I know it's not you either. 

You're the stubborn crazy dreamer who KNOWS you're allowed to do work you love and create a life that ticks every single one of your massively unrealistic boxes.

You're the one who knows you're meant for more.

You're the one with a message to share. 

You're the one who really wants to make a difference.

You're the one who knows you were born to lead.

You're the one who refuses to quit.

You're the one who'll never turn your back on your dreams, no matter HOW hard it gets.

Because you? You were not, you ARE not, meant for following the rules, for fitting in a box, for going along with what everyone else is going along with. 

You were meant to break the mold. And in doing so show others they also have a choice. 

So, this journey you're on? HARD WORK. Yes! Every day hard work, commitment, persistence, determination, a certain level of naivety and being totally unrealistic in other people's eyes.


Worth every second.

Because at the end of the day, you're creating your dream life. The life in which you're free to do work you love, day in and day out on your own terms, make a real difference in the lives of others AND earn money doing it.

So this week. This beautiful fresh new week. Get to work. Be UNREALISTIC. Be a dreamer. Choose courage. Choose to kick ass. Choose to say NO to the voices in your head that want to drag you down. 

Choose YOU.

Choose freedom.

Choose to go ALL IN.


Love and courage,


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