You MUST Take Full Responsibility For Your Life, Starting No Later Than Right Now

I didn't write at my normal time this morning. I was with a neighbour. We were both crying and hugging one another tightly. We, like so many others this morning, are deeply saddened and shocked to hear the news that we've voted to leave the EU.

I did think about not writing to you at all today. I don't follow politics very closely. I wondered what I could possibly say on the subject. And yet writing about anything else seemed somehow wrong. So I thought maybe better not to write at all.

No, I don't follow politics very closely. And no, I don't fully understand what this will mean. I don't think anyone does. 

But what I do know is how this feels in my body and in my heart. I know it hurts. I know it feels wrong. 

I cried for a couple of hours this morning. And then once I'd let all of that deep emotion out, I took an electrolyte pill, had a shower, and came out into the world.

Things feel better out here. The sun is shining. There are children playing in the park. And the lady in the coffee shop greeted me with the same warmth she always does. 

Like I said, I have no way of knowing what the future holds now. None of us can know that.

But there are good things coming out of today for me already. And it’s those things I wanted to focus on and to share with you. Because whatever your political views and irrespective of everything that’s going on here right now, these are things I believe are of the utmost importance for humanity and for our planet.

1. Start with yourself, always.

This morning, I feel a deepening and growing sense of responsibility within myself. For four years I've travelled this path of personal and spiritual development. I've learned a great deal and yet I know there's so much more work to be done.

I understand that if I am to be of the greatest service I can be to this world, then I must put in the work required to heal my wounds and develop an even deeper love for myself. Only through healing myself can I fully contribute to the world around me.

There are always ways in which we can help by turning outwards towards the world. Please continue to do so. But if, like me, you also sense there is more and deeper work to be done on the inside, then make a true commitment to that. Your growth is a daily commitment and practice. It takes a great deal of courage to truly do the work. Find that courage. Go deep. Choose to transform yourself from the inside out.

For those interested, I’ll personally be starting with a deeper exploration of the book Healing Your Aloneness, which was recommended to me by a reader some time ago. It’s a book that really spoke to me and one I know can help take me to the places I need to go to heal wounds of the past and become a more loving person to myself and ultimately the rest of humanity.

2. Take full responsibility

I understand what’s it like to live in the pits of despair. I understand what it’s like to hate your life. To hate your job. To feel that you’re powerless. To be depressed. To feel that the world has got it in for you.

I know what it’s like to feel like your business isn’t working. That you don’t have anything to contribute after all. I know what it’s like to sink back into the shadows instead of owning all that you are.

But you must decide to be done with that. Decide to be sick of the stories and the ego which keep you locked in a victim mentality. 

Cliché, maybe, but the world really does need your gifts. It needs you to take full and total responsibility for yourself so that you can contribute in a more effective way to the planet and to all the things which require our attention. The world needs each of us to be operating at our very best. 

3. Refuse to live from fear

There has been so much fear surrounding the referendum. So many stories fuelling and feeding the seeds of fear already inside us. 

I must refuse that fear. You must refuse that fear. We all must refuse it. Refuse the stories and the manipulation. Choose instead to live from love. This is the work. It’s hard work. It's daily work. But it's the work we’re here to do. Unity over separation. Oneness. Wholeness. Cooperation. Collaboration. 

Today more than ever, I urge you, wherever you are as you read this, to do the work necessary to remove the chains that hold you back. I urge you to begin believing in your own power. I urge you to understand that by following your heart and creating a life you love and doing work that matters to you, you can make a significant positive difference to the world we live in. 

I urge you to stop playing small. I urge you to stop comparing yourself to others, which only serves to keep you small. We ALL have a part to play. What other people are doing is entirely irrelevant. You're not competing against those other people. You're working with them.

I urge you to do the things you’ve been longing to do. I urge you to start today. I urge you to stop giving a shit about failing. I urge you to know yourself as a person who can change things, who can make a difference, who can lead the way for others. 

Love and courage (even more than usual),