Clarity Isn't Coming and...It's Overrated Anyway

Everybody wants clarity. To get clear.

Clear on your message.

Clear on your people.

Clear on your calling.

Clear on your niche.

Clear on your offerings.

Clear on how you help people.

Clear on your WHOLE. DAMN. LIFE.

And I'm just going to come right out and say it...

It's a waste of time.


Clarity's for people who aren't growing, aren't changing, aren't transforming, aren't evolving. Clarity's stale. Clarity's for dead people. The living dead.

Clarity's the nice neat comfort of staying exactly where you are, never asking questions, never challenging your current beliefs or your current path.

Clarity's the refusal to budge on your opinion or change what's true for you just so you can keep being clear. Because clarity's nice. And it makes things easy.

Growth, transformation and your evolution, on the other hand, depend on you being willing to spend a great deal of your time in the place where things are clear as fucking mud.

Growth is the unknown. The uncertain. The new. Growth is the challenging questions and the willingness to keep taking action without clarity. 

If you get clear on something and then remain clear, there's a problem.

Not being clear isn't your problem. Thinking you need to be is.

What if you saw your lack of clarity differently? What if you saw it as a sign of your growth and transformation? A sign of your complexity as a human being? What if you were willing to just be in the mud and keep taking action anyway?

You'll reach clarity. You will.

But it'll always disappear. It should. If it doesn't you've stopped growing. You've closed yourself off to new ideas, new possibilities and new paths. 

Screw clarity. It's for dead people.

Love and courage,