You're Wired for Freedom

I'm in the coffee shop. 

I'm pretty much always in the coffee shop when I write to you each morning. 

To get to the coffee shop, I walk through this nice landscaped walkway between two office blocks. Normally, I can't see into the offices because the blinds are down. But today, a couple of the blinds were raised at the windows and I could see in.

And honestly, I was shocked.

I've had lots of emails from my American readers over the last several years describing the way it feels as though their soul has been sucked out of them from sitting in their tiny little cubicles.

But when they talked about their tiny cubicles, my mind immediately formed a picture of the sort of cubicle I left behind back in 2012.

My cubicle was large. It was airy. It was open. And the sides were low. Actually, I couldn't really say it felt like a cubicle at all. 

But what I saw this morning?

Oh my goodness, is that standard?

The sides of the cubicle were high. So high that even if you were stand to up you wouldn't see over the top. It was closed in. And the cubicles were tightly packed next to each other. My chest constricted at the sight. I felt hemmed in just looking at it.

I didn't intend to write an email today that might make you feel bad about your life if this is your situation right now. It's just that seeing that today jolted me back to the reality that so many people are living.

I talk so much now about building a business and life you love. I speak to those of you who are already on your way. Sure, it might be a struggle and painful and downright difficult, but you're on your way and many of you have already escaped those oppressive office environments.

But those of you who dream of escape but are still trying to piece all of that together?

Well, I wanted to write a note to you today. To let you know that I still get it. That I remember those feelings and how much it feels like you just can't do it anymore or be there anymore but you just don't know what the next right move is.

It got me thinking about why so many of us are desperately seeking to create different lives for ourselves.

And I came to this:

We're wired for freedom.

You. Me. Wired for freedom.

Wired to create. To make. To flow. To move. To express. 

For you, it might not look like running your own business. 

But what it does like is this:

Freedom to be who you are.

Freedom to create what's in your heart and soul in physical form.

Freedom to express yourself openly, not having to hide your true thoughts and feelings away to fit in somewhere that says it's not ok to show this or show that. 

Freedom to set your own schedule and work at a pace that makes sense for you.

Freedom to spend time with the people you love. 

I don't know what I want to say today. I just saw those cubicles and then started writing this. I want to encourage you to keep moving forward, whatever that looks like for you.

Is it saving money so you can leave to pursue something different? Keep going.

Is it learning a new skill on the side to launch something new? Keep going.

Is it finding a new job that fits better with your vision for your life? Keep going with the search.

Is it gathering your courage to take a leap? Gather that courage and keep going.

One thing's for sure, your wiring isn't going to change. And you? You're wired for freedom. 

And that means your only option is to keep moving forward. To keep taking the next step. To find and use the pockets of time each and every day to change what needs changing bit by bit, in whatever way you can.

You can do this.

And you will do this.

Because your wiring dictates that you must.

Love and courage,