Why I Don't Think Anything I Do Actually Matters

This might shock you to hear, but I basically believe (right now today anyway) that nothing we do truly matters.

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to hear people talk about changing the world through doing work you love, and when I hear myself say things along a similar line, I feel right down in my gut that there's a part of me that doesn't fully believe that.

On some level, yes. I most definitely believe that people doing work they love and following their joy makes for an all round better experience for everyone on the planet whilst we're here. I think it means there will be more loving human beings and that more loving human beings means fewer conflicts, more care taken over the planet and more care for one another on both a local and global scale. And those things feel important to me. 

But if I go beyond that, I can't say with conviction that I think any of that even matters. Not right now. Not in a bigger picture sort of a way. Because whatever happens to us, to our species, the planet will go on in whatever way it goes on or doesn't go on. 

And this is a thought that sometimes causes me great problems in my work. Because ultimately, in the very big sense of ultimate, I don't think it matters if I build a business or if you build a business. It matters only because it's what I prefer and what makes me feel good and gives me a better experience whilst I'm here. 

So this is problematic for me, sometimes. And when I'm thinking these thoughts and getting into this internal thinking, I always come out with the same answer:

Either way, I'm here on this planet. Either way, so are you. So even though I don't think any of it matters in a very big ultimate sort of a way, I'd prefer to spend my time here doing something that feels good and to create something that feels good and contribute something that feels good and connect with people in a way that feels good. Because, why not? Why would I not want to do what feels good?

So I find myself thinking today that nothing I do has any ultimate importance. And yet I'm far from sad about that. There's actually something profoundly liberating in that.  

Because the good thing about letting go of the importance of what you do and tying it to some grand idea that anything you do actually matters, is that it really frees you up, again to follow what's joyful inside you. 

To simply ask, what would I like to create today? What do I want to do today? What would feel playful to me today? 

And out of that I think you'll automatically find that you're contributing to the planet in a very positive way. Improving your own experience and therefore the experience of those around you and therefore creating more love in the world. And that's a very good thing. But only because it means we can all have a better experience whilst we're here. And, if you have children, it probably also matters to you to help create a better experience for them too beyond your own time on this planet.

I hope this doesn't come across that I don't care deeply about my work. I do. But I'm also highly aware that it ultimately has no significance beyond creating a better experience for myself and others. But that's more than a good enough reason for me to do whatever I do. I want us all to have a better experience whilst we're here.

I'm highly aware that this is one of the stranger and more abstract emails I've sent you. But as I think you all know by now, I'm not a person capable of hiding (not for long at least) behind things that don't feel true.

If I write something to you that doesn't feel true in the moment, I have a very bad feeling for the rest of the day. And more and more I read things on the internet that don't feel true to me. They feel like regurgitated words made by and for people who aren't conscious enough to think for themselves and to think beyond what everyone else is putting into their minds.

Entrepreneurship is a funny beast. It can easily become very much the same as the job you left. You find yourself following the masses, preaching the same message and going after what you think you should be going after rather than what you actually want to go after.

That's a very real danger. And one that, if you fall into it, will leave you feeling very disenchanted with everything you've created and everything you do.

So today I'd just like to invite you to explore this question for yourself:

  • Am I thinking for myself in all areas of my life and business right now? Am I doing what feels good and right for me, regardless of what everyone else is doing or saying?