Who am I to do that? (for the brilliant ones flying just below the radar)

A colleague and I were holding space for one another to speak out the beginnings of new visions that were calling to us; ideas that were asking to come into existence through us.

What struck us, is that when each of us had finished sharing, we both gave voice to that something inside that was saying, ‘Who am I to do that?’

We called out that voice for one another as the voice of the inverted ego - the angle of the ego that fills us with self-doubt and tells us we’re not good enough. For me, and for every client I’ve ever worked with, this is the form the ego takes. It’s always a voice that says you’re not up to the task, you don’t have a right, you’re not properly qualified, you’re not ready, other people have done it better, it won’t work and that you’re silly or stupid to even think about it.

That voice, left unidentified, feels like it’s telling us the truth about ourselves. And when we think we’re hearing the truth about ourselves or a situation, we listen. And if we listen to this particular form of ego?

We don’t move in the directions we’re most called to go, we don’t speak up about the things that feel true in our hearts, we don’t put ourselves forward for opportunities and we take a backseat in almost everything.

In short, we radically limit ourselves. Limiting ourselves in this way inevitably leaves us feeling a little lifeless.


Because what we’re actually limiting is the full energy of life that wants to move through us, as us. Haven’t you ever felt as though there’s some force that wants to burst through you and into the world, but that you’re somehow holding it back?

This is the full truth of who you are wanting to find expression in the world. It’s life force. It’s Source energy. It’s the energy of the mystical wanting to be brought down and out into life. It’s like a lightbulb on a dimmer switch that desperately wants to experience its maximum brightness but the person in charge of the knob is refusing to turn it all the way up. It’s frustrating and it’s draining. We want to feel the full force of our power. We want to express fully.

As someone who sees and senses things about the world that others don’t - things that don’t make sense about the way we’re living or treating one another and things that need to change - you are being called at this time. Your sensitivity is needed now. The love you feel in your heart is needed now. Your voice, your ideas and your way of seeing the world are all needed now.

Of course, this is uncomfortable, challenging and risky. The things you’re called to will require you to step into new ways of being. They’ll require you to stretch yourself, over and over again, as you learn the new skills that will enable you to complete the projects and work that are speaking to you. They’ll require you to put yourself forward in a way that brings up a lot of fear. They’ll require you to make many mistakes and go through endless awkward growth. And, there are no guarantees.

But what I know is that there are so many (too many) brilliant people in the world who are flying just below the radar. People who see the possibilities for our world. People who sense that things can change for the better. People with huge wells of not-fully-expressed creativity. People who see through the illusion of our separation to the one love we all are.

We are all being asked to connect more and more deeply to the truth within and to ask not, ‘Who am I to do that?' but rather, ‘Who am I not to?’

What’s been calling to you and what one action can you take today to turn the dimmer switch just one notch towards maximum brightness? Because bright is where we're heading.

Love and courage,