When You're Asking "Who am I to do That?"

Who am I to coach? I don't have a qualification.

Who am I to call myself a writer? Apart from what I learned at school, I haven't studied writing.

Who am I to sell programmes claiming to help people shift their mindset, get out of their own way and learn about building an online business? I don't have a psychology degree, a business degree, a marketing degree.

And who are you, really, to do those things things you're thinking of doing?

Who do you seriously think you are thinking you've got any right on this earth to hold up your hand and say, "me!"

I mean, have you completely lost your mind????!

Who am I to coach? I don't have a qualification.

No, but I have now 3 years of real life experience in the real world having coaching conversation after coaching conversation with hundreds of people.

I have natural empathy, but they don't give out certificates for that.

Oh, and I have an inbox full of emails from people who wrote and told me I helped them change their entire life. 

But yeah, I guess I should stop coaching because, you know, who am I to do that?

Who am I to call myself a writer when I've done no formal study of writing?

No, but I've been writing publicly on my blog for nearly 4 years. I've written something close to 250 blog posts. I've written guest posts all over the internet. I write every single day on my blog, on social media, in my journal. 

And, again, every day someone emails me and thanks for me for my writing because on that particular day it gave them something they needed.

But yeah, I guess I should stop writing because, you know, who am I do to that?

Who am I to sell programmes, actually charge MONEY, for what I do? I don't have any piece of paper telling me I can do these things.

Oh, but I've got nearly 4 years' experience of going through this process of quitting my job and starting an online business from absolutely NOTHING. From not knowing anything about business or selling or marketing or blogging or being online or anything at all.

So it's really pretty damn amazing to me that I'm doing what I do now and earning money doing what I do now and working entirely on my own terms.

But wow, who am I to think I might be able to help others do that?

Listen up

You're going to HAVE to choose yourself.

You're going to HAVE to raise your own hand and then pick yourself out.

You're going to HAVE to give yourself the permission you need. 

And look, really, if you're just starting out with something, like I was nearly 4 years ago and pretty much am every day because I'm always learning something new, you don't go to people and pretend you're an expert if you're not.

You just tell them the truth. You say, "I'm just starting out and here's what I can bring to the table."

One of my clients is editing a book for me. She's not an editor. Except she is now because she's decided she is and when she saw I was looking for an editor she raised her hand and told me -"this is something I'm starting out in. It's new for me, but I'm good at this stuff and I know I can help you. Would you be willing to give it a shot together?"

So of course I said yes because I don't care if she's already got a million editing jobs under her belt. I like her. I see her writing online. I already know it's going to turn out great.

When I started coaching I didn't pretend like I'd been coaching for years when in reality I'd never done any formal coaching in my life and had never been paid for it.

I just told people the truth. 

Crazy, right? The TRUTH.

And people are ok with that because people see beyond pieces of paper and qualifications and they see YOU and they feel what's inside you and they understand and have a sense of what you can or can't do for them.

So your options are basically this:

1. Raise your own hand and choose yourself. Tell the truth as you move forward in your chosen path. 

2. Wait for someone else to choose you, which they won't. Remain where you are for however many more years you're willing to stay where you are before you finally realise you have to choose yourself. And then choose yourself.

So really you only have ONE option, which is: CHOOSE YOURSELF

The only question is whether you're going to do that now or, out of fear, wait a few more weeks or months or years or whatever. 

In the end, you have to understand that there's so much more to you than a piece of paper saying you can do something. You have the entire experience of everything you've ever done in your entire life to bring to the table. 

And I'm betting that's quite a lot. Although you may not see it. Probably because you think it's not relevant. But it is. Every skill you've ever learned, every experience you've had - they're all a part of who you are now and part of what you have to bring to the table.

So please, don't let the "who am I to do that?" question hold you back. It's certainly not going to get you very far and every day you don't do what you feel called to do, someone out there is missing out on what you might have been able to do for them.

Who are you do to that?

Well, you're YOU. So start owning who you are and what you have to offer. And then go out and get started. Preferably today. 

Love and courage,