When You Feel Too Little for Your Really Big Calling

The tears fell from my client's eyes yesterday as she spoke out to me what she knew she was here to do. The power of her words was such that my own eyes grew hot and wet, too.

When you get to that place, when you touch on something so deep and real inside, there's just no doubt, no question: this is a part of that person's calling. It speaks so loudly in these moments there's no way of hiding from or ignoring it.

Her words were filled with the emotion of a woman allowing herself to feel into the enormity of what this meant. The scale of what she's called to do.

How can I possibly do this?

I get it. I wrote a note to my own mentor just a few weeks ago saying, "why is it all the big and what seems like heavy stuff that speaks to me?"

I was referring to the nudges that have been coming through lately about something I need to do or create in the area of male suicide and mental health more widely.

It makes no sense, is what I think to myself.

Last time I checked, I'm still very much all woman, and although the thought of ending my life did cross my mind on more than one occasion many moons ago, I have no experience here. What right would I have to involve myself? What could I possibly contribute? 

And then the least useful question of all..."how would I do it?"

She wrote back:

"Why does the big stuff speak to you? Because it does. And when I share with you about Windsor (because she was at Windsor Castle talking with global leaders about raising consciousness), you'll see that none of it needs to feel heavy."

Those things that speak to you that come from a space deep within? Sometimes they won't make sense. Sometimes you really won't see or understand why this thing is speaking to you. But you don't need to know why. You just need to know that it does. And then you really need to get this:

If it speaks to you from that space within, you are capable of bringing it to form, no matter what you may believe right now. If you didn't have the power or the ability inside yourself, it would never have appeared to you as it has.

And, you are always more resourceful than you think.

And let me tell you what I told my client yesterday. I say it for her. I say it for me. And I say it for you. You do not need to know how you will do it. You just need to know that you will. When you're fully committed on the inside, it's extraordinary what will begin to show up on the outside. 

If you start with how, you'll take yourself so far into your head and your personal thinking and all the reasons why it makes no sense, that you may never get out. So instead focus on that connection to whatever it is that's speaking to you and commit deep inside your heart that this is what you will create.

From that place of deep commitment, you have the ability to move mountains.

Never, not for a single second, believe that you are helpless to create that which speaks to you. The world needs you to follow your heart.

Love and courage,


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