When You Feel Like You Don't Have the Stamina or Strength to Continue

I always come back to the dream. The one I started out with over four years ago. The dream that kept me up at all hours of the day and night whilst I was learning how to build my first baby blog. The dream that got me through all the times of doubt and frustration and fear and being nearly broke. 

You started out with a dream too, right? A dream so big and so vivid that you were there when the sun went down and when it rose again the following morning. A dream so thrilling and exciting that it drew you to it like a wasp to the soda bottle on a summer’s day. A dream that made your eyes light up in the way that’s only possible when you’re driven by an energy from within. You dreamed of the life you would live and the way it would feel. You could taste it, that dream. You could see yourself in it. 

In fact, to you, it wasn’t a dream at all. It was the reality you knew you would create.

But this journey, this road, this path to entrepreneurship, over time it can take so much out of you that the dream you started out with? It fades away into the crevices of your mind and where there was once this unending drive and energy, you now feel defeated, worn out and unsure.

I find myself, at the beginning of this new year, coming full circle on my own dream. I’ve been through it all these past four years. The energy and the exhaustion. The knowing and the doubt. The creative flow and the blocks. 

But still now, still now after over four years, when I sit with that dream something inside me comes alive. When I write it out, when I take the time to get connected, the dream is as strong as it ever was and I know for sure I’m right where I’m meant to be, doing exactly what I need to do.

The call to a life of complete and unending freedom is so strong in me. To be out in the mountains, to write, to create what’s in my heart, to work only with people I love doing something I love. To express, to make a positive difference, to breathe deeply and live life slow and full.

Sometimes, I know, it can feel like the dream is taking too much from you. It can feel like you need to let it go. Like you need to cut your losses and go back to ‘real’ life.

But in those moments, when you’re feeling like maybe all is lost or that you just don’t have the stamina or strength to continue on, please do this first:

Sit yourself down and be with your dream. The one that started it all. Be with the dream that was big enough to cause you to act. Be with the dream that makes your eyes light up. Be with the dream that makes time irrelevant.

Because the chances are it’s not that you’re too tired, to depleted or too over it.

The chances are that you just let yourself get a little bit too far from where you started. And the chances are, when you sit down and be in that place, you’ll realise that the fire is as strong and powerful inside you as it ever was.

Be. With. Your. Dream.

Love and courage,