What to Do When Trying to Define Yourself Is Killing Your Spirit

I love bold, bright colours. A Springtime of lush greens, deep purples and vibrant yellows. And I love the delicate pastels of shells on the seashore. Soft relaxing greys, whites, pinks and blues. 

I love hanging out in my yoga pants and I love the occasional opportunity to play the princess.

I'm all for the passionate, lustful kiss and the sweet sweetness of the gentlest brushing of lips.

I love the exhilaration of rolling with someone on the Jiu Jitsu mat and the deep expansion of my solitary practice on the yoga mat.

Conversations about love, connection, spirituality, the truth of life, flow and consciousness light an unstoppable fire inside me and I can spill over with excitement talking about the practicalities of growing an online business.

I'm sweet and soft and loving and I'm sometimes anything but those things.

I love working with clients who are at the green light, expanding and creating and all out in the game of life and I love being with clients in that tender, soft space of transition when the lights are all saying...STOP.

I love it when the sun shines and I delight in the rain. I love to be far away, in places new and unknown and I love to be here, in the familiarity of this place called home.

Because you see, don't you?

I'm this and I'm that. Both together and everything in between to boot.

And when I try to define myself, it feels more like I'm denying myself.

And if it feels that way for you too - if the borders of the boxes you were never meant to be in feel as though they're closing in, remember this:

The truth of who you are cannot be defined, limited, labelled, controlled or hemmed in. You're infinitely more than that. You're everything. Limitless possibility. Limitless potential. 

The boxes are all made up, didn't anyone tell you? Both the ones you put yourself in the and the ones others try to put you in. So when the boxes begin to feel limiting, suffocating or simply wrong, don't hesitate for a second to allow yourself to spill out. Don't hesitate for a moment to allow yourself to be all the things together. This and that.

Every day you can define, redefine and throw away definitions all together. You can make rules and break rules. You can dissolve the beliefs that guided you yesterday and leave yourself open to something new. You can choose to live outside the labels and turn away from societal norms. 

It doesn't have to be this or that, one or the other, It be can be both, and. All of it together. And everything in between to boot.

Love and courage,