When It Gets Tough, This is How I Keep Going

My yoga teacher back in London had this way of speaking that seemed to allow his teachings to seep effortlessly into my subconscious.

This morning, as I pushed up and back into Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog), and felt that familiar intensity as I willed my heels to touch the floor (they never have, still don't, but...I'm working on it...every damn day), something he once said came back to me:

You can't come out of the pose so quickly. You have to stay in it long enough for your muscles to learn the new expansion, otherwise, the intensity and pain you're feeling are for nothing.

And this is how I do it. This is how, when things are uncomfortable or rough in my business or life, I always keep going.

  • I know that the discomfort and challenging times are moving me towards something good.
  • I know that if I want the result, I have to be willing to push myself to places I haven't gone before.
  • And I know that growth always creates new problems.

As you build your business there are going to be times that feel intense. Times when the last thing you want to do is stay in the process. But staying with it is what you've got to do.

So if truly owning what you do and declaring to people "I'm a [fill in the blank.]" is proving tough, you commit to declaring it to more people despite the discomfort and...you stay with it. 

If putting yourself out there and asking for the sale makes you want to burrow yourself deep into a little hole in the ground, you put yourself out there more often and you ask for the sale and...you stay with it.

If you know you need to raise your prices but it's making you feel hugely uncomfortable, then you raise your prices and you keep them there and then you raise them again and...you stay with it.

If you want to share more openly, honestly and vulnerably with your people but it makes you feel awkward, then you share a little more openly, honestly and vulnerably and you breathe, know that it's ok and...you stay with it.

This business you're building? This life you're creating? It will always require of you a willingness to be with the discomfort. A determination to see it through to the next level. A commitment to being ok with the messy parts. 

Because when you don't stay with those messy, uncomfortable, intense, painful, confusing parts, you're giving up right at the most critical point. The point right before you make your next big breakthrough.

So today, just one question:

Where are you hiding from the discomfort necessary to take you to the next level?

Okay, two questions...

Are you willing to dive in and...stay with it?

And through it all - through all that messy discomfort - know that I'm here encouraging you every step of the way. Because even though there are days when you don't see it for yourself, what you're doing matters and I want to see you succeed.  

Love and courage,