What to do When You're Tired, Don't Feel Like it and Want to Eat Crap

I wanted to stay in bed this morning. And when I did get out of bed at 5.45am all I wanted to do was go back to bed. 

Didn't want to write in my journal. Didn't want to write a blog post. 

Couldn't connect to my purpose. Couldn't connect to my vision. Questioned whether I really want any of this at all. Maybe what I really want is to just go back to a nice little 9-5. Somewhere I just have to show up and do whatever it is I'm supposed to do and then collect my pay check and then spend that on whatever it is people spend their pay checks on.

Internally moaned and whined for about 40 minutes about how tired I was. How much I didn't feel like it today. How I had nothing to write to you. How hungry I was because I'm doing this 8 hour window eating thing because I like the science behind it and I want to see what will happen if I do it consistently. 

So I wanted to go back to bed. Or eat a big fat croissant or something. Or eat a big fat croissant and then go back to bed. 

But then my mind fast-forwarded to that future. The future in which I gave in to all my immediate desires and ate a big fat croissant and then went back to bed and got up several hours later.

In that future I felt shitty. I felt pissed with myself for having given in to instant gratification at the cost of the things I know really want. The life I want. The business I want. 

So I chose differently.

I got dressed. I packed my bag. I came out to the coffee shop. I ordered a black iced coffee because the 8 hour window eating thing means I can't have milk in my coffee in the morning. And now, right NOW, I'm sitting at my regular table in the corner by the bathroom, listening to the same playlist they play EVERY morning and writing this to you.

And it might not be my greatest work to date. And I certainly still don't feel on top of the world. BUT, I'll still write this and send it out. And most of the people who receive my emails won't even open it. Some people will open it and then unsubscribe because this isn't what they want to hear today or because they don't like my tone today or because...well, because of a million and one reasons I have no idea about.

But YOU, the person I'm really writing this for, you'll read this and feel something. It'll pull YOU out of YOUR morning stupor and exhaustion and feelings of "I don't want to today." 

And then instead of going back to bed and giving in to immediate gratification, you'll get up and do whatever it is you need to do.

You'll show up for the people who are waiting for YOU. And if you feel like no one's waiting for you yet because your business is new and no one's really taking much notice, then I'll remind you that in order to have people take notice you need to earn that right and you need to keep putting out the work every day even when you have no clue if anyone's reading or listening or watching or taking any notice whatsoever. 

And even though today may not turn out to be my best or most productive day of the week, I know I'll still feel a whole lot better than I would have done if I'd given in to those voices telling me to go back to bed and to eat some crap and ruin my experiment with the 8 hour window eating thing. 

So here's the thing:

There'll always be days when you're tired. Don't feel like it. Don't want to. There'll be something you'll want to do that will make you feel SO good in the short term. Like sleeping or eating.

But that short term pleasure is what leads to long term dissatisfaction and an unfulfilled life.

Because what you really, really want isn't to go back to bed or to eat the croissant. What you REALLY want is the result of doing what's harder in the short term. You want the business that only comes when you make the harder choice day in and day out. You want the health and the body and the fitness that only comes from saying no to instant sugar hits and comfort eating.

So next time you're standing on that line and battling with yourself about whether you'll choose instant gratification or long term gain, get yourself focused on the end result you're going after and choose that. 

Because going back to bed and eating the big fat croissant is not the way you create your ultimate dream business and life. And it's sure as hell not the way you inspire others to create theirs.

Love and courage,