What To Do When Your Motivation is Waning

Everything looks easy from the outside. Easy success. Easy money. Easy relationships. Easy health. Just...easy.

But look behind the scenes of the life of anyone who looks like they've created easy success and you'll find the same thing, over and over and over again.

Years of putting in the work. Years of commitment. Years of getting back up after being knocked down. Years of taking action, even when there was no visible sign of that action adding up to anything at all.

When it feels like you're getting nowhere and you're pacing around inside your head wondering whether maybe there's a problem and perhaps it's time to give up, there's really only one problem:

You think it should be easier and quicker than it's turning out to be.

But the truth is success takes time. It takes focus. It takes commitment. It takes repeated action in the direction of your dreams. It's not overnight. It's not magic. It just looks like that way sometimes because you're seeing what those ahead of you have created after years of invested energy.

I've been writing a blog and building an online business for over four years and I still consider myself to be very much at the beginning of this journey. Over those years there have been hundreds of moments when I might have given up. Audience not growing. Blog posts that don't hit the mark. Months on end spent researching, developing and launching courses that fall completely flat. Hundreds of hours spent coaching people for free and what felt like at the time, nothing coming back. Financial difficulties. Emotional difficulties. Relationship difficulties.

What kept me going through all of that? What keeps me going now? 

First, the love of what I do. I'm driven by a never ending fire to see what else is possible, both for myself and others. 

Second, the knowledge that everything takes longer than I think it will and that if something isn't working, that doesn't mean I need to give up. What is does mean is that I need to recommit and keep going. Not blindly - I might need to look at how I'm going about things and see if there's anything to change there - but I simply need to stay in the game.

You don't need to feel down that things aren't where you'd like them to be yet. You don't need to worry that you're incapable of achieving what you set out to achieve. You don't need to doubt your dreams.

You just need to remember that this is how long it takes.

Love and courage,


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