What to Do When Building Your Online Business Starts to Feel Like A Big Ick Fest

Let me tell you about a few of the things I hate about online business.

I hate Facebook groups where all people do is climb desperately over one another trying to promote their programmes and services. There's zero authenticity there. It's just noise on top of more noise on top of more noise. Meme after meme, sell after sell. No one actually cares about anyone else, they just want to sell their stuff.

I hate Facebook ads that talk about the 6 things I MUST do right NOW if I want to start getting clients in my business FAST and go from broke to 6-figures just like them. 

I hate the way people charge ridiculous amounts of money for their products and services thereby making them completely inaccessible to the people who might most benefit and then make you feel terrible by saying "if you're not willing to stretch yourself financially and invest in yourself in this way then you don't care enough about what you want." 

I hate the whole idea of "brand language". It works for a while. It's nice to feel you've got a bit of a template to follow for your communication. But sooner or later your work just starts to sound fake and robotic.

I hate the way entrepreneurs advise other entrepreneurs not to share TMI - too much information. What's too much information, exactly? As far as I can see, the problem, most of the time, is that everyone's sharing too little information. Everyone's skimming across the surface with their nice neat stories. 

My intuition and instinct said NO to all of those things from the beginning. My intuition said, "this doesn't feel right."

My intuition spoke and yet...

And yet I used to be a part of those Facebook groups.

I used to click on all those Facebook ads and sign up for all the free webinars with their big promises.

I used to want to charge massive fees for my work.

I've taken classes that talk about brand language. I've done worksheets writing out what my brand language is. I've tried using it.

I bought into the idea of TMI. I questioned what I wrote. I got scared wondering if I was saying too much. Being too honest.

I've been there. I've done it. 


Because there's SO much of it online that it can get really difficult to believe you can create success without it. It's difficult to believe you can build something beautiful and profitable by doing business in a way that feels good to YOU. It's difficult to believe you can sell without selling out.

And it's very, very difficult to go against the grain. It's difficult to speak out and go in the opposite direction of the big names and the people who are crushing it online with their businesses. Because we all think they're the ones who must have got it right.

But in the end, you come to the realisation that as much as you thought you couldn't make it WITHOUT doing those things, you actually can't make it if you DO.

Because doing those things that your intuition is screaming no to goes against everything that you are and everything that you stand for. And you cannot excel at business by going against what you believe in and what you feel is true and right.

It doesn't matter how many people are doing those things. It doesn't matter how well it's working for them. If it feels like crap to you then it probably is. And those things are important to listen to. Because whilst it might be difficult to go against the grain and reject all those things, they're actually what are holding you back the most.

True success requires trust. It requires you to trust your instinct. It requires you to do it your way in a way that feels good for you. It requires you to reject everything that feels inherently wrong and to find another way.

Then, and only then, do you stand a chance of achieving the kind of success you really want. Which is to say a success that is in alignment with who you are as a human being.

I'm done with all that stuff. I'm done with everything that doesn't feel good to me. And the community I'm building here are done with it too. What I'm building? What I want? A community of people who refuse to sell out in order to sell.

You have always, always got to be a part of the change you want to see.

Love and courage,