Dark Days, Dark Nights: What If The Winter Grey Didn't Need to Make You Blue?

When I sold up and left London, there was very little I was certain of. But one thing I had absolute clarity on was that I wouldn't make my life in the UK. No more grey. No more wet. No more winter months of eternal darkness. "It makes me miserable", I'd say. In fact, I've been whining in true British style about the endless grey for most of my life. 

Tomorrow I collect the keys to my new apartment. In the North West of England it's colder, wetter and infinitely more grey than London ever was and yet my problem with the grey just seems to have...gone. 

What changed? Everyone knows the weather impacts mood. There's scientific research that says so. Feeling depressed? Must be the weather. 

But what about our spiritual understanding that it's not external circumstances that affect how we feel, but our thinking in relation to those circumstances? What if it were possible that our winter depression were real only in our thinking of it?

Preposterous of me to suggest such a thing? Perhaps so, but it's only in taking an honest look at long held and universally accepted beliefs that you give yourself an opportunity to see something fresh. To see something old in a completely new way. And to entirely change your experience of life.

If you're feeling blue and your current beliefs tell you it's because of the weather, wouldn't it be worth finding out if something different could be true? Wouldn't it be worth holding the belief up to the light, just for a while, to see what else might be possible?

I can't say for sure what you'll find, but what I do know is that when you're willing to be wrong about what you believe, you pave the way for magic.

Love and courage,