What are we pursuing and why?

The heady smell of bracken after summer rain.
A robin close by.
The heat emanating from the rocks at the end of a hot day.
Sun beams breaking through clouds.
A thunder storm.
The scent of a yellow rose.
The sound of rain on a skylight.
That first sip of morning tea.
Walking barefoot where the sand meets the sea.
Autumn leaves.
Sunlight dancing patterns across walls.
Space to just be.
Belly laughs.
A full moon.
A half moon.
The moon. Oh, the moon!
The smell of a tomato plant.
Warm figs straight from the tree.
Skin against skin.
The absolute stillness of the forest.
Rain against the window pane.
Rising with the sun.
Sunday mornings before the world wakes up.
Making love with your love.
The green green of spring.
Cloud shadows moving over mountains.
Carpets made of wildflowers.
Earth beneath fingernails.
The wonder of staring up into a starry sky.

Tell me, won't you, what are we all pursuing and

Love and courage,