We Need What You've Got

It's real, dammit.

The whisper, the feeling, the sense, the knowing that:

I'm here to create...something.
I'm here to change...something.

Never in all the years gone by and never in all the years to come will Life Force express itself in the way it expresses itself through you.

This body, this personality, these gifts, this beauty. A fingerprint in time never to be replicated or repeated. 

War, poverty, hunger, homelessness, environmental devastation, sex trafficking: they are not too big for you. The art you make, the songs you sing, the words you speak or commit to the page, the classes you teach, the projects you throw yourself into and behind - all of it is raising hearts and with it, raising consciousness.

And raising consciousness is where it's ALL at.

It's real, dammit.

You are here to create something.
You are here to change something.


What will I create, today?
Who will I serve, today?

Every day turns to every tomorrow and with it the realisation that through the never ending unfolding of now you have created something. You have changed something. And you've done it in a way that no one else ever could.

Trust the feeling. Follow it. We need what you've got.

We need what you've got.

Love and courage,