Would You Rather Be Unrealistic or Average?


I've been called unrealistic on more than one occasion. I've been told to get back to the real world where everyone else has to live.

I used to care. I used to be hurt, even. I used to wonder whether maybe they were right. Was I bad for going after all that I wanted and encouraging others to do the same? Was I being irresponsible both to myself and the rest of society? Those questions weighed heavy on my mind.

Not now. 

Aren't you here, reading this, because there's something you want outside of the norm? A life you want to create that's a little unrealistic by society's standards? A change you want to make or impact you want to have that's bigger than what most people might ever strive to achieve?

If you want to be realistic, go ahead. But if that's what you choose, understand that you can never create an extraordinary life. If you want to have something or be something or do something that others can't or don't, you'll need to think in ways most people never will.

And most people are realistic.

And that means you can't be.

An extraordinary life or extraordinary results cannot come from realistic thinking.

They cannot come from believing only what others believe is possible. 

Was Walt Disney being realistic when he dreamt of a mouse with big ears and opening an amusement park?

Was J.K. Rowling being realistic when she spent years and years working on Harry Potter?

Was Jerry Seinfeld being realistic when he was booed off stage during his first act but kept going after his dreams anyway?

People who achieve extraordinary results are anything but realistic. They're obsessed by what they want to create. They're unrelenting in the pursuit of their dreams. And they're persistent to a point that most people can't even begin to comprehend.

Others call them crazy, unbalanced, unhealthy, unrealistic. Others tell them to let it go when it's not working yet. Tell them maybe it's time to think about plan B. 

But for these people? 

For these people there is no plan B. There's plan A. And if plan A doesn't work?

Well then there's plan A, plan A, plan A and plan A.

Here's what these people understand:

The realising of a dream requires unrealistic levels of thinking and that the only mistake they can ever make is starting to believe it when other people tell them to be a little more realistic.

Because as soon as you start to think realistically, you start to take the sort of action that realistic people take. And realistic people make up most of our society. And most of our society are just leading lives that are neither here nor there. They're the people complaining day after day about their situations and doing nothing about them.

Is that who you are?

Here's what I believe:

You have a duty to be unrealistic. You have a duty to remove every single limit you place on your life and your ideas. You have a duty to go as far as you can go in this life. I cannot for the life of me understand why we tell people to be more realistic. Isn't that a completely skewed way of thinking?

Be realistic. Don't aim too high. Don't dream. Don't try and have a better life than most. Don't try and find work you love and get paid for it at the same time.

Really? Really!

If my options are to continue to be unrealistic and go after a dream I may never achieve, or settle for an average life, I know exactly what I'm going to choose. Every. Single. Time.

What about you? What are you choosing? Unrealistic or average?

Love and courage,