Ultimate Freedom and The Only Thing You Stand to Lose

What if I ask and he says no?

What if it doesn't work out?

What if I don't make enough money?

What if it's the wrong decision?

What if I look like a fool?

What if I fail?

What if I fall?

What if I can't go back?

What if I lose everything?


What if I ask and he says yes? Yes, yes yes!

What if it works out better than I ever dreamed possible?

What if I make enough money? What if I make more than enough money?

What if it's the best freakin' decision I ever make?

What if I look like a rockstar?

What if I succeed?

What if I rise?

What if I never wanted to go back?

What if I gain things I can't comprehend right now?

And also:

If I ask and he says no...so what?

If it doesn't work out...so what?

If I don't make enough money...so what?

If it's the wrong decision...so what?

If I look like a fool...so what?

If I fail...so what?

If I fall...so what?

If I can't go back...so what?

If I lose everything...so what?


Sooner or later, if you're lucky, life will help you see that the goal isn't for everything to go the way you'd planned or hoped. Sometimes it will and sometimes it won't. The goal is to know that both in succeeding and failing; in rising and falling; in gaining it all and losing everything; in making enough and not making ends meet - in everything and all of it you're still ok.

And that right there is the ultimate freedom we truly seek. 

So take the risks that need taking. Follow the beat of your heart. Ask the question. Do the thing. Because the only thing you stand to lose is more of the false fear that keeps you from seeing and being who you truly are. 

Love and courage,