Move in the Direction of Joy (and Stop Feeling Guilty)

To say I've been caught in my head a little more than usual lately would be one massive understatement. Mostly, I've been swimming around in my own brain juice questioning every little thing I could get my hands on. It happens sometimes.

I like to get in there and make it complicated. As complicated as possible. Because it's not as if life isn't complicated enough without overthinking it all some more.

I'd been ruminating (again) over my true path. Specifically, how can I best save the entire freaking planet. It's something that weighs on me from time to time. I get this idea that I have to intellectually figure out the best way that I can make a positive difference in my lifetime. And I never get very far because...well, because I'm trying so hard to figure it out and as far as I can tell, trying really hard to figure anything out is always a bad idea.

And all I can say is thank goodness for a simple pen and paper. Thank goodness for the capacity to journal one's way out of one's own brain juice. Because with the writing comes clarity and with the clarity comes peace. 

And what I reminded myself of today is that the only direction I ever need to move in is this:

Move in the direction of joy.

Not move in the direction of what you think is right.

Not move in the direction of what you think is most worthy.

Not move in the direction of what you think is most honourable. 

Not move in the direction of what you think is most going to serve the planet. No, not even that direction, even though I know how much you care and how all you truly want to do is serve.

Not move in the direction of what will make the quickest money.

Not move in the direction of what the other person said was a good idea.

Not move in any direction other than this:

The direction of joy. Your joy. The direction that has light pouring through your eyes and energy radiating from your pores and a smile plastered to your face.

Because that direction, the direction of what has you come alive from the inside out?

That is the right direction.

That is the most worthy direction.

That is the most honourable direction.

And that is the direction that will most serve our planet.

Because serving isn't a pre-meditated thing you do. It's who you be. And who you be when you follow the direction of your joy is a person who is filled with love. And when you're filled to the brim with love, it flows out. Out into the world. Out to all those around you. And that right there is what the world needs. More love. More love. More love.

So move in the direction of joy.

And let your heart lead the way.

Love and courage,