Torn between the familiar and the possible

Just when you thought you’d landed somewhere safe, stable, secure, the new starts tugging on your sleeve again. Looking down, it looks back up at you with big eyes and whispers excitedly, ‘Come on, let’s go.’

And there you are again, torn between the familiar and the possible.

You’ve been here a thousand times before. You know it’s inevitable but you still act all surprised when it shows up.

‘Again? Really? Already? Do we haaaave to?

There’s an equal mix of reluctance and eagerness. Terror and…excited terror. You don’t want to but oh, you do want to.

You’ll have to let go of what you have. Scary. And there’s no guarantee that what comes next will be better. Even scarier. But you’ve always said yes to the tug in the past and no matter how much you um and ah this time, you know you’re not about to start saying no now.

A lot of people will think you’re naive, stupid, or even insane. But what does that mean except that your ‘yes’ to the unknown, to the possible, is so distant from their way of seeing life that it’s incomprehensible? You don’t fit their model. You’re used to this by now. Breathe. It’s OK. Your life, remember?

The familiar screams that you’ll die if you leave. And the possible screams that you’ll die if you don’t. So you’re torn for a little while between the two. But only for a little while because the heart is always right there and it’s whispering excitedly, ‘Come on, let’s go.’

And in the end the adventure will win out. Because to adventure is to live and to live is what you're here for. 

To letting go of the familiar...again.

Love and courage,