Time to Kick Some Ass

I think I might have mentioned once or a billion times before that, growing up, I was never very much into sports. In fact, I hated them.

I was the girl with limp arms who couldn't throw.

I was the girl with gangly legs with knees that turned too far inwards.

I was the girl who, in step aerobics classes, found herself mostly turning around on the spot because she couldn't figure out all the arm and leg coordination.

I was the girl who flung her badminton racket across a hall full of people one time because the grip on the handle was so bad and her hands were so sweaty. That was SO embarrassing. 

I was the girl who hated team sports because she was always afraid of letting everyone down.

I was the girl who hated hockey because she was so scared of that speeding puck and dangerous wooden sticks. Eeek.

And yet...

And yet there has always been a part of me that knew there was a powerhouse of a fitness goddess somewhere inside me waiting to come out.

And recently, she's been coming out. 

Slowly, surely, this new part of myself I knew I had in me is emerging.

And yesterday I went to my first ever kickboxing class. And boy-oh-boy did I kick some ass!

I was a little scared. I was a lot nervous. I hate going to group classes. I was worried I wouldn't manage. I was worried everyone else would be better than me. I was worried the teacher would be evil just like all my teachers at school. 

But it was amazing and glorious and I felt powerful and strong and...pow pow pow! Kick. Punch. Seriously, so good. 

I came out of that class with several insights: 

1. Who you were before has got nothing to do with who you're capable of being today. Your teachers told you you were crap at something early on in your life? Screw that! They didn't know what they were talking about. Now is your time. Ditch the old stories and write a new one. 

2. The only way to keep growing and expanding and living a more fulfilling life is to do the things you're most scared of doing. So what are you scared of? Find a way to go and do it.

3. Sweating makes you feel really good. Seriously, I've always been scared of my body. Scared it's not capable of doing things that other people's bodies are capable of. Scared that my body couldn't handle the sorts of activities that would make it drip with sweat. But it is. My body was built for this. 

4. External support is powerful. No way in hell I'd have worked out like that at home. Having someone there by my side shouting "10 more! 1, 2, 3, 4...." was unbelievably motivating and helped me keep going way longer than I thought I could.

So, how shall we leave things today? 

How about this?

  • Ditch your old stories. 
  • Do something you've been too scared to do.
  • Go get your sweat on.
  • Get some external support to help you achieve your goals.
  • Let your anger out (in a safe and supportive environment, of course).

Love and courage,