Think You've Got Nothing Worth Saying?

So you think you've got nothing worth saying? Nothing anyone actually wants to hear? Nothing new to add to the conversation? You want to write, speak, SAY something, but you're scared and do nothing.

Hear me on this today, ok?

NO ONE else on this planet has your voice. NO ONE else on this planet has lived the stories you've lived. NO ONE else on this planet expresses themselves in quite the way you express yourself. 

I know you're the sort of human being who cares about the world. I know you wouldn't be here otherwise. This community simply doesn't attract people who don't give a shit about anything or anyone. 

So I know you care. I know you want to make a difference somehow, somewhere. I know you feel deeply and care to such a point that sometimes you wish you DIDN'T care quite so much because then maybe life might be just a little bit easier or a little bit less overwhelming, right?

But you do. You do care. And you know somewhere inside you that you really can make a difference. And not only that you can make a difference, but that it's your responsibility.

And that's why you just need to GET OVER IT.

Get over the fear. Get over the worry. Get over the thoughts of what if no one likes it or what if people think it's rubbish or what if people don't agree.

It doesn't matter.

None of that's got anything to do with it. None of that's got anything to do with the fact that it's your duty and responsibility to use what YOU have inside of YOU to make a positive difference in the world.

If your words reach even ONE person and encourage, support, lift up or inspire that one person in some way, shape or form, you've done what you needed to do.

And if they reach NO ONE today, it doesn't matter. You do it anyway. Because you care. Because simply the act of speaking your truth into the world makes a difference. 

Do you think I don't ever worry about whether the things I write day after day are good enough? Do you think I don't ever think about what people are going to think or how they're doing to judge?

I DO think about those things.

And then I get over it.

Because this is my responsibility. That's why I write to you every day. I can't NOT. Because the thing I care about? The thing I care about is you getting the hell out there and living your life and owning your gifts and speaking your truth. 

Because I KNOW that in doing that - in YOU being who YOU are and creating what YOU'RE here to create in YOUR unique way -  we stand a chance of turning the state of the planet around. I've got to say, I get pretty upset and depressed about the world a lot of the time. It's a mess. But I still believe, have HOPE that if enough of us get over our selfish fears and speak truly from our hearts and do what we care about then we stand a chance of changing things. 

It's your duty to share your message. It's your duty to talk about the things you care about. It's your duty as a human being. It's your duty as an inhabitant of planet earth. It's your duty as a person who understands the interconnectedness of all things.

So I don't care if you're sitting there today thinking you don't have anything to say or worrying about whether it'll be good enough or whether anyone will listen. It's not your job to concern yourself with that. Your job is to get over it and accept your part in lifting this world up.

So today, get out there and write, speak, share your voice. The world is literally dying for you to do that.

Love and courage,