Feeling good is good, but there's wisdom in the darkness

"You can't rush your healing.
Darkness has its teachings."
- Trevor Hall

These words come from a song of the same name (You Can't Rush Your Healing) by Trevor Hall. The first time I heard Trevor’s music, I fell immediately for his voice and lyrics. Medicine for the weary heart, signposts for the seeker, reminders of our oneness and celebrations of LOVE.

At some time or another, life brings each of us to our knees. At these times, we often want anything except to be where we are. There's a rush to get over it, move past it and get our lives 'back on track'.

What we so often miss is that this falling apart isn't a diversion away from what's right, but a direct route into it. We may discover that life is far kinder than we've believed, when we come to realise that its role isn't to give us what we've decided we want, but to wake us up to who we are.

What if being patient with the darkness is how we awaken to the light?

If you're in a season of struggle or healing, can you open to it with a little more trust? How might this change your experience?

Love and courage,