The weather Is not the sky

The rain batters the window and the wind howls. There is a storm outside, but there is one inside too. Thoughts of your weakness, failure and inadequacy swirl somewhere in the space of you.

Trailing one after the other after the other, the thoughts come. This one about how unloveable you are. That one about how stupid you are. Here's another one about how you'll never amount to anything, become anyone or achieve anything of note. You are surely the biggest waste of space there ever was. 

And then suddenly, so tiny you almost miss it, a little space opens up. A crack in the clouds where the sunlight enters in. 

A gentle feeling of peace descends. And it dawns on you, as it has a thousand times before, that you were just in the middle of another wild storm and that beyond the storm, there is you. Unchanged. Undamaged. Just as you always were. Perfect, complete, and whole. 

The storm is the storm. Who you are is who you are. They play together and yet they are such wildly different things. 

Enjoy every moment you get to remember that the weather is not the sky and your thoughts are not you. You are always the space that holds it all.

Love and courage,