The ultimate home

I see the sadness in your eyes
and recognise it so profoundly as my own.
That longing for home
for peace
for rest
but not knowing where or how to look
or even what you’re looking for.
A friend told me once,
’Leah, you seem to have a habit
of collecting waifs and strays.’

A waif and stray:
a person with no home.

Here, listen,
there isn’t one amongst us
who hasn’t been a waif and stray
searching for that home
that is more than a roof
over one’s head.
And when it is found, remembered, rediscovered
there is such a natural movement
that starts to occur.
You could call that ‘collecting’ perhaps
but really it is just this endless desire
to be the home
that has been gifted you through grace
in the sincerest hope
that when another sees the happiness in your eyes
they will recognise it profoundly as their own
and know that they, too, are home.
That they,
have always been home.

Love and courage,