The Sweetest Kiss I've Ever Known and How to Get Anything You Want

I woke up this morning with the remnants of a sweet dream floating in my mind. I’d been sitting side by side with a man I knew, talking. Eventually, FINALLY, and to my great satisfaction he leaned over and gave me the sweetest kiss I’d ever known. 

As I lay there listening to the pitter patter of the morning rain on my canvas roof, I thought about this missing piece of my life.

Not missing as in I can’t be happy or complete without it, but missing as in it’s something I want in my life - for the long term. 

I got thinking about how I operate in all other areas of business and life. I decide what I want, I write about those things every day and I focus on them until they’re a reality, knowing that everything I want will come to me.

I do it with my fitness and my business and all sorts of different areas of my life. But relationships? Rarely. Why? Because somehow I’ve decided that relationships are just luck. Meeting the right person is just luck. 

Business isn’t luck. Fitness isn’t luck. Money isn’t luck. The entire life you create for yourself isn’t luck. You decide what you want, you write it down every day and you do the work. But relationships? Well, they’re almost certainly just luck.

I’m beginning to realise my system is a bit skewed.

If everything else I can create and bring to me through the power of thought, intention, visualisation and doing the work to make it happen, why should a relationship be any different?

But this post today isn’t about relationships. It’s about anything you want.

Luck, not luck?

You decide. And whatever you decide will be the experience you create. If I believe I create it then I create it. If I believe it’s luck then I might just find myself waiting a really long time. Or maybe I’ll get lucky. Who knows.

So whilst I’ve said this only about 6 million times before, it’s always worth saying again:

What do you want, really? What do you want for your fitness, your relationships, your business, your money, your environment and every other part of your life?

Write that shit down every day. Fill yourself up with those visions. Feel it. Wake up like it’s already happened. Act from that place. Do what’s necessary.

It’s not magic, it’s logic. When you’re clear about something you want and you focus in on it every day, you automatically take the actions and notice the information coming in around you that will take you closer to achieving that thing.

And at the same time it’s not about force. It’s about knowing what you want in your life, setting your intention for those things to come into your life each and every day and then entirely releasing and detaching from the outcome.

Commitment to the vision and detachment from the outcome. 

Love and courage,