This is the Price You Pay for Speaking Your Truth


You know I talk a lot about speaking your truth, right? YOUR truth. I encourage you to do that. I believe it's necessary not only for the success of your business, but for you to feel happy and aligned in your life.

Because if you're not speaking your truth, what are you speaking? 

And so yes, I'm all for speaking your truth. I don't see another way. Not if you want to call in YOUR true tribe and build a life and a business around who you are without having to feel like you have to put on some sort of persona or mask or play a certain role which, honestly, is just exhausting.

But speaking your truth, whilst it ought to be easy, isn't always easy at all.

For a start, most of the internet isn't in the habit of speaking the truth. Most of the internet is in the habit of writing list posts about things they don't really practice or don't actually believe. 

Do you really want to read another 10 ways to be more productive? Another 6 ways to be more grateful? Another top 20 reasons to go to bed before 10pm?

I don't know about you, but I'm kind of over it. Ok, no, I AM over it. 

I used to write posts like that all the time. It's what I learned from the blogging world when I first started out. And it WORKS.

But just because something works doesn't mean it's good or right, right?

I imagine waterboarding might also be quite an effective way to get someone to talk, but does that make it right?

So anyway, the internet has sunk into this sort of deep zombie sleep where everyone's writing very bland posts about this and about that. And they're just a bit empty, you know? There's no feeling or emotion or grit or rawness there. 

So it can be difficult to get out of that conditioning. It can be difficult to put yourself in a different class, go against the majority and write from a place of deep truth.

But you know why else it's difficult? You know why else it's so hard to speak and write your truth and keep doing it?

Because when you do it - and I mean really do it - when you let it out and don't hold back, two things will happen simultaneously.

First, people will write to you and tell you they love you. They'll write and tell you how powerful and helpful your words are. They'll write and tell you that what you wrote really helped them and they'll thank you for being one of the only people in their lives to be so honest and open and vulnerable.

Second, people will write to you and tell you they hate you. They'll negatively judge you. They'll make assumptions about you and your life without first trying to get an accurate picture. They'll decide you're a bad person.

And, because you're human, you'll forget about all the people who wrote to tell you they love you and you'll focus in on the ones who've misunderstood or missed the point.

But, take heart. When this happens, you can be sure you've begun to do something very few people are willing to do. To speak YOUR truth. In a very real way.

And the problem with the truth is that it's not neat. Speaking the truth doesn't allow you to show up in exactly the same nice neat way every day. Because you're human, speaking your truth could actually look pretty damn messy.

Some days your truth might look like gentle words carved across the page.

Some days your truth might be a hot, burning anger.

Some days your truth might be tears and sadness.

Some days your truth might be a waterfall of love and peace.

You can't manipulate your truth into being something other than what it is. You can only let it out, day by day and moment by moment in whatever way it shows up. And once it's out you'll have to deal with the consequences. One of which, like I said, will be judgement.

And having people judge you is part of being online. It's part of what it is to run your business. And oh my goodness it's hard. It's hard for those with sensitive souls. And I know you have a sensitive soul, just like I do.

So in these moments of judgement, remember this:

In order for you to truly serve the people you're here to serve (and you can't be the person to serve everyone), you'll have to risk judgement from everyone else. But as much as you can, let that go. Humans are complicated. So many different perspectives and opinions. Reflect and take stock where necessary, but remember, trying to please everyone is a fool's errand which will result in you having zero impact on zero people.

Be there for the people who need you. 

And breathe.

Love and courage,