The Only Way That'll Ever Work is the Way That Works for You

I've been writing a blog since 2012. That's quite some time. And in all that time I've probably managed to write my blog posts in advance maybe 4 or 5 times. And when I say in advance, I mean I had maybe one extra post ready to go.

I kept reading and hearing about how it was such a good idea to batch produce content. Be more efficient, you know? Heck, I think I might've even written about that myself at some point. Shame on me.

I remember once I even went through a whole exercise to create an editorial calendar for myself. Apparently it'd save me time and was the sensible way of creating content for my online business. 

So I went through this exercise and came up with lots of ideas for blog posts and put them in my calendar so I knew what I was writing about each week without the pressure of coming up with new ideas. 

I think I lasted about 2 weeks following that system.

The problem?

The problem is that enthusiasm has a half life. An idea that fills you with energy when it comes to you will soon feel like a dried out, stale piece of bread unless you act on it quickly.

Countless times I've had an impulse for a post but haven't followed through in the moment, opting instead to write a few notes to remind myself and come back to it later. And later, when I come back to it?

It feels empty. Dead. Meaningless. And it goes on the scrap heap of blog posts that've lost their oomph.

These days I write day by day, moment by moment. I write with the energy of now.

My point? This:

Everyone, everywhere, all over the internet, is ready to tell you the best way of running every aspect of your business and your life. And every single one of those opinions is completely irrelevant when it comes to you. 

The only thing you ever need to worry about is finding out what works for you and then seriously learning how to trust that what works for you is ok. That you're not somehow getting it wrong if you're not doing it the way the big players say you ought to be doing it.

I absolutely have a system for producing my content. That system is doing everything in the moment, to act on impulse and rarely do anything in advance.

Will there be times my system doesn't work because I get sick or something happens and I can't get my content out? 

Without a doubt, yes. 

Is that a risk I'm willing to take in order to run my business day by day in a way I actually enjoy rather than forcing myself into some sort of box just because I think that's what I'm "supposed" to do if I want to call myself a professional?

Yes. Yes it is.

So please, just remember this:

YOUR business. YOUR life. YOUR way.

By all means take ideas and inspiration from those you look up to. But don't forget to find out from your own real world experience whether it's right for you. If you're always following along with what others tell you to do, my guarantee to you is that you'll never create a life and business you truly want to wake up up to.

Love and courage,