The most valuable thing we can do?

We were told that being of value
meant doing more.
How much could we get done
in a day?
But now,
in a world where so much of our doing
causes so much harm
perhaps the most valuable thing
we can learn to do,
is nothing at all.

Oh, but how lazy!
How unproductive!
How useless!

This is what the old-way thinkers will say.
And don’t forget
your own mind is stuck in old ways.
But the heart calls you to do less,
to stop rushing
and striving.
To rest.
It is a progression
a transition
this unlearning of doing
and learning of being.
But by and by it will feel
more natural, until it becomes
the most natural
and soon we will see
what a trickster true nothingness is
for true nothingness is really everything-ness
and being flows into doing of a different order.

A doing that doesn’t harm, but heals.

Love and courage,