The heart longs to roam wild where it will

The heart is thirsty with longing to take the handbrake off.


Whilst the mind is pulling up that stick.


The mind is full of promises.

Of security.
Of forever.

Somewhere, we know it's got us hooked on lies.

The heart makes neither empty promises
nor false bargains.
It never says,
"If you do this, I will give you that."

It only ever invites you
into the movement of life;
a dance without destination
and offers a security
the mind can never know.

How could the mind understand
the security that comes
when all false security is gone?
How could it fathom the safety
in no safety at all?

How insane you will appear to some
to trust a net you cannot see.
But to be sure
by then you will not care;
the great love affair has begun
and how happy the heart is now
to roam wild where it will
falling fully
into the loving arms
of life itself.

Love and courage,