The 'experts' aren't always right, you know

I cannot overstate the importance of trusting in your own deepest knowing and intuition. You think you can't trust what's coming from inside yourself because you're not an expert or somehow not qualified in the right way. And so you look outside to those who appear to be authorities and you believe whatever it is they have to say. 

In going against your deep knowing, you sense something's not quite right and you sense that you're going against a deeper truth. And yet you don't trust yourself enough to walk your own path and so you push further and further in the direction the 'experts' would have you go. 

There's an absolute trust required in order to go against the grain in any area of life and to walk the path of your own knowing. There's huge pressure to fit in and a great deal of fear around being wrong.

In some cases, the experts you look up to may be so well established and well regarded that you might feel utterly foolish in going against their teachings and to follow what feels true for you. In the desire to replicate the success of your heroes, you continue to do as they say and to believe as they believe. 

But the world only changes when you find the courage to trust what's inside of YOU and to walk THAT path. In doing that, you open up a new way in the world and you help others see past the illusion that life can only be lived one way and that success in business or life requires following a certain set of rules.

And sooner or later you'll come to see that the deepest knowing that was all along inside you was absolutely correct and that all that was required was a greater level of trust. At that point, you'll probably be a bit like "doh, if only I'd followed my instinct back then."

It always comes back to trust.

You may not have the experience that person has. You may not have the qualifications or the same level of professional success. But the great truths of life are within and available to all of us, no matter who we are or where we find ourselves in life.

Next time something inside you is showing you a truth that goes against everything that you see and experience around you, what if you trusted that? What if you allowed yourself to follow your own deepest knowing and learned to trust your own inherent wisdom?

Love and courage,