The Daily Grind Isn't Sexy, but It's the Only Thing That Really Matters

One (slide forward).

Two (slide back).

One (slide forward).

Two (slide back).

One (slide forward).

Two (slide back).

We repeated this exercise over and over again in yesterday's kickboxing class, shouting out the numbers as we went. Just shuffling forwards and backwards across the mat with our feet, practicing the positioning of our legs and making sure we were always in a solid fighting stance.

It's the foundation of everything else, the instructor explained. It's all about the legs. If your legs aren't doing the right movement or if your fighting stance is off, nothing else - the punches, the kicks - are going to be good.

It's not a new lesson for me. Probably not for you either. But it's always a good reminder.

It's the same in yoga. My teacher spends a lot of time and attention on Tadasana, which to an untrained eye looks like we're just standing still doing really not very much. But this pose, our teacher always explains, is the foundation of everything. Our legs must be firm, strong and straight. Toes together. Heels together. Move the weight back more. Extend the sides of the body. Stretch the arms down. Further. Move the arms further back.

He's very particular about it. Very serious about it. Because without it, he knows, we won't go far at all.

Like the shuffling, it's not sexy. The foundations rarely are.

The foundations are the boring, monotonous, when-can-we-move-onto-something-more-exciting practices.

It's the same in business and in life. Everyone wants to dive into the big stuff. The exciting stuff. But no one wants to take time over the foundations. No one wants to commit to the daily grind.

It's the journaling.

It's the meditation.

It's the exercise.

It's the eating well.

It's the sleep.

It's the yoga.

It's the stuff that holds EVERYTHING else up.

And when you ignore it, and your foundations weaken, stuff starts to collapse. Hardly surprising.

You get tired. You get overwhelmed. Doubt envelops you. You feel like a failure. You compare yourself to others. You get off track. 

So no matter what your goal - whether it's to be a great kickboxer, an expert yogi, a kick ass entrepreneur - commit to the fucking foundations. Day in and day out.

Everyone thinks the successful ones just got lucky. Or that they've got something you haven't. 

In reality, they're just the people who committed to the daily grind. No matter how boring. No matter how unsexy. They showed up every day and shuffled. One, slide forward. Two, slide back. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Foundations. You just gotta commit.

Love and courage,