The beauty of you

There will come a day when you sit in the sunlight and wonder how it was that you never saw your gloriousness. How you ever looked in a mirror and did not delight in what you saw there. Rest assured, my love, that until that day comes, I will hold this truth of you close and safe and I will share it with you in a thousand ways, hoping you might catch a glimpse and know it for what it is. I will be the warmth of the evening spring sunshine on your cheek. I will be the scent of the lilac tree as you walk by. I will be the morning sunbeam across your pillow and the moonlight in a starry sky. I will be the birdsong and the tender touch of a lover's kiss. I will be everywhere and in everything, a trail of clues I will go on leaving for eternity, if eternity is what it takes. The veil is so thin, my love, between this world you see and one of a beauty you would not believe. When the breeze passes your ear this evening and you feel a little tickle down your back, know that I am here, waiting, this glorious truth of you safe and close for the day we must finally meet.

Love and courage,